A Heart In The Plate

Below can be considered as The Most Random pic that I could have ever clicked. A complete Fluke, Happened just by chance and while looking at it I was in “Awe”  how this can also be possible….but it was there in front my eyes and now in front of you all.

And what it is…nothing like The Most Unique Place I visited or the Most Unique Bird I spotted but its just

“A Heart In The Plate” that was created by two different types of Pulses (Daal in hindi), when my friend poured these Pulses in plate just as she does always as a result we had A Heart as below:

And no one even touched even a single grain for giving it below pattern…isn’t interesting..??? for me it was so I thought to share it…


Note: As I already mentioned I like to click things which can not Photogenic or may  be not worth to be clicked but I do click those different things as I just find them full of fun/entertaining. And I m hoping no one will think of me a crazy who clicks each and every random thing around.

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