SUNDAY POST : Sentimental Value

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. 

For Jake’s Sunday Post: Sentimental Value

I always loved  writing diaries but not like other people do with their day to day feelings or frustration instead I used to write details of Cricket, Tennis and Soccer Matches. And details includes Schedules of any new Match, Result of all such matches, New Records n Broken Older Records  etc. etc. etc. and not just this I have a huge cricket collection at my home (but I cant keep it with me everywhere 😦 )

To fulfill my above aim I had to keep all the newspapers under my custody as I used to paste/keep any newspaper cutting just for proof. And while doing all such crazy activities I used have lots of scolding from my Mom for creating such mess at home and playing with newspapers/diaries/sizer unlike other girls and many many more. I never got any scolding from my dad for all these things cause he was always happy as I was doing something interesting and different even if its messy. To add in the list My Grandfather also had the habit of keeping newspaper cuttings of interesting incidents so he was also on my side.

So all the below three diaries (just 20% of my whole collection) are one of the Most Memorable Possession for me. As I can recall all Memories of my hard word, fighting with my bro, scolding from my mom, proud in my Dad’s eyes and My Grand Dad writing in My diary.

Besides this each diary has its own story as How I started it and how I kept it going.

All Diary
My Memorable Possession
1999 World Cup
Very First Organized Try Of 1999 Cricket World Cup
2003 World Cup
Second One Of 2003 Cricket World Cup
Soccer Page
Grand Dad’s Entry In My Diary for 2002 Soccer World Cup. Its even more Valuable than an autograph of my fav player.


Other than my Cricket collection I have one more collection that’s of The Letters, Cards that my Best Friend sent to me during Last 12 years. I cant click all of them but few of them are below. We studied together for just 4 years (6th – 10th class) and I had to leave the city as my dad got transferred. But we were in touch from 2001 onwards by our letters, cards and we are still in touch with phone calls. Every time I look at those cards, letters it feels such great feeling to have a friend somewhere who is As Important part of your memories As You are of that Friend’s memories.

B'Day Cards
Few Lovely Greeting Card to Cherish Memories
The Best One
This One Is My BEST

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    1. hey thats great Marianne you write about travels. I too love traveling but dint have chances to travel much. I like to travel new places, to know more about those and clicking pics.
      Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

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