Tarvel Time: Kashid Trip Day 1

Kashid Trip on October 13-14 2012

A bunch of Pics are here, which I always though to post but did not have time to select which to post and which not to. But finally after so long I have decided and here it it.

Few more pics which I already posted can be seen here:



4 thoughts on “Tarvel Time: Kashid Trip Day 1

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  1. I like the sun photos, great color. If I may, I’d like to offer a suggestion. When composing photos like these I’d suggest not putting the sun dead center in the frame. The result will be a much more dynamic photograph. Overall though they are very nice.

    1. Thanks a lot Jeff for stopping and appreciating my effort. And your suggestions are most welcome always.
      Regarding taking Sun in center…..I do agree completely with it and i’ll keep this in mind while taking sun shots in future.
      thanks again….

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