Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

Weekly Photo Challenge this week is to see the world The World Through Your Eyes and then show it to all.

I used to click things around me and see them in my own way. I have very few pics that I clicked them with my perspective as below:

1. This is what I feel about True Love in Life where 2 people are together in all Odds and Worst situations. It does not matter how much adversity they have around but what makes them happy is just being together.

I clicked this pic on Kashid beach, where it was all sand, sun light and still I could spot these two flowers budding together. I felt these two flowers were smiling being together and fascinated me to click them.

World Thru My Eyes_True Love

2 Second pic is just a usual one clicked but what I saw in this was…..we should not wait for the whole Sun to enlight our life instead if we have such small sun rays for us we should be happy. As life is not about to wait for the Big things to happen but to enjoy smallest things happening around us cause later all those small moment will have more importance than bigger ones that did not happen.

World Thru My Eyes_Happiness

3. What is Life…..Life is like a Vast Ocean just like below, where we can’t see the other end while sitting on the shore. We can only just speculate and calculate until we dive into it to see what is there for us on the other end. And where ever we go, what ever we get it’ll all be worth of the Hard Work and Struggles.

World Thru My Eyes_The Life

4. Home Returning.

this pic is nothing extraordinary but I loved it for the sun rays  refracting through the clouds to make it a Breath taking view.

Another one is that tiny bird at top of the frame, why…..cause it gave me feel like someone is hurrying to go back to home in the evening after flying so hard for whole day.

Going Home

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