Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

Two Pics that I clicked last year on Kashid beach and after seeing Jeff’s article I found them exactly how it was described one place but in two different ways…..

Here  I like the landscape one cause it made the view broader while portrait one could not as there was not much in the depth of the view…..

Let me know ur views…???



12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

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  1. I’d have to say I like the vertical(portrait) photo better. Though the sun is a little too centered in both, though not major issue, the only thing I’d do is clone or crop out what ever that little dark thing is in the foreground. I’d probably do away with the chopped off person on the left behind the two young men. Other than that, nice, very nice.

    1. Thanks Jeff for your views….and what I understood that distracting things should be cut of the final picture….i’ll keep this in mind next time onwards.
      and regarding Sun in center…..I usually like the click if its symmetrical so I out sun/moon in exact center…..may be thats not a good approach for a perfect………

      1. I don’t think it having the sun centered detracts that much from either of these photos. The reason being is that the sun isn’t the only element in the photograph. That and that it is in the upper third of the frame in both cases(think rule of thirds). I do think you’ll find a much more dynamic composition if it were off center on both axis of the photo.
        BUT, if you’re happy with the way your photos look, then that’s all that really matters. We as photographers can often be too critical of a photo,simply because we can see the perceived “flaws.” Things the average viewer would never notice.

        Sometimes as photographers, as is the case with your very good photographs, we are cursed with too much knowledge. Knowing what’s “wrong” with a photo can prevent you from seeing a good photograph for what it is.

        1. Jeff…first of all thanks a lot for deciphering the clicks as you did and believe me I am always happy if there are great people around me to correct my flaws cause there is not end of learning and I am always up for correcting the smallest thing if it can be. So what ever you mentioned is indeed ur way of helping me to improve my skills and I’ll do my best to see the frame other than how I usually I look at my main object and will let you know as well.

          I am happy with the click as it was the BEST till that time I could get and I was in Awe how a pic came in this breathtaking (self appreciation u can say….but I did feel like that) so when one is so much happy with their own click they cant see the things or flaws and its always a pleasure to have a mentor to correct.

          So in short I am all in to correct what ever you told..and I’ll surely improve in future.

          And yes thanks for mentioning my pics as “Very Good Photographs” it was the best compliment I have ever get and it made my day…

          1. I meant everything I said. I don’t believe in giving false praise. It doesn’t do you any good thinking a photograph is good, when in fact it may not be. If it’s good I’ll let you know. And if there is something I can offer that I think will help you improve, I’ll do that too.

            Just remember, I’m not the one and only expert on the art of photography. In fact, I don’t consider myself an expert at all. My opinion is just that, my opinion, surely not the final word on what makes a great photo.

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