Daily Prompt: Standout

Daily Prompt: Standout

This one is my The Most Fav Click, I loved then and still find it fascinating. It does Stand out for me not for any usual reasons but for that “S” created by Sea cutting the Sand. I clicked this Pic just for that “S” and not for Sun only. Why I could see it there I am still not sure. S is the most lucky letter for me (I am not superstitious here but its indeed true…), all my best friends have names starting with S (no coincidence I can say so…) and many more important things are related to S.

So that’s the reason that whole set up at that moment forced me to click it and I can feel I did right as every time I see this Pic I feel so happy and blessed seems like God was telling me to pay attention that its what meant for you.

Edited: Just now realized Standout also starts with “S”….so this pic is indeed has some sort of significance.


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