Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

For me A Good Morning can be of many things…like

A Breakfast that I make for my loving mom and if she praises it then nothing else can make my morning any more Good.

But here being a photographer if I’ll say what can make my Morning Good will be only and only Skyline just before and during the Sunrise, The Rising Sun……as I am crazy for clicking Sun whenever – where ever possible, so I thought to post few of my clicks of such moments when I could get a perfect click to make my Morning Super Good.

1. So here are the clicks for which I had to work really really very hard. After my night shift of more than 9 hours at office I came back home, picked up my camera went straight to terrace to find its not the place where I could get a good click. So jumped over a wall to another building’s terrace and there I got a Perfect Spot to have Sky and Sun w/o any blockage. I spent almost 45 minutes there to click a large number of pics and few best are here…

After clicking I went back same way jumping over the wall again….but with a sense of Satisfaction all hard work paid off.

And when ever I see all pics clicked during that I can fee it was one of the Best Mornings for me.


2. Another click is the one which I took just before the sunrise when I was waiting for my office cab…

Good Morning_4

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