Our Thirsty Life and Our Attempts

After traveling for whole 16 hours I got out of train, and saw so many birds flying over the water outlets to get some water.

While seeing those birds flying all over so desperately just to get a few droplets of water I could relate not just myself but many of other people around me. In today’s world we all are like these birds as we roam around here and there with thirst to get something or other. Some of few occasions we are lucky enough to have a Water Source of knowledge/happiness/self satisfaction around us but most of the time we could not. And then we just crib/curse the situations, our luck, God or anything else that can be blamed for us not getting what we want also we stop trying as well thinking its not going to work again.

But when I saw those birds so calm and keep on trying to get the droplets instead of stopping midway.

So at last I got a lesson for a lifetime to not to stop in midway whatever the task I am doing and keep on trying until I get “Just a single drop of water” as it will be far better than having no drop at all.


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