A Day Out at Nursery with Galaxy S3

I had to buy a new Basil plant as my previous one is all dried and lifeless. So I went to my nearest nursery to buy one. I was so happy to see so many Beautiful, Colorful flowers and all Greenery inside it. It was so relaxing to be there and just to feel the refreshing environment there. I selected a small Basil plant and one more Plant with few flowers, don’t know its name but loved the yellow and orange color combination of flower petals. So decided to buy it. I asked the shopkeeper to put them in a flower vase but another impatient lady was literally fighting with the shopkeeper to do the things as soon as possible. She was scolding him so badly and I got so angry. I asked shopkeeper to finish her work and I used that time to have a nice view of all the different plants inside. And when she left then only I could get my work done. (I dont understand why some people do not know how to be respectful to the persons who work hard for their day to day life, how can they mistreat such people and cant speak a lil politely than shouting at them…..i am still angry everytime I think about that lady)

Also could not miss the chance to test my S3 a but more. Clicked all sorts of pics, from multiple directions, different angles. Finally reviewed them all and found below 11 ones as the best ones from today’s Nursery Day Out.

I’ll also post pics of my new Basil plant and other flowers tomorrow.

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