An Year of my wonderful blogging journey


Dec 18, 2012…was the date when I created my blog Moments Thru Lens just to put all my photo collection at one place. And without any expectation I kept on posting pics old or new and I forgot everything else. When suddenly 2 days ago I saw one notification that I am here for almost an year, I felt like being on cloud 9.


For a person like me, who explores each n every aspect of any newly found hobby so soon and gets bored once there is nothing new to be explored, its a big achievement to stick to one hobby and at the same time to be active on the blog.

All credit goes to everyone who regularly follows my blog or someone who stopped by once to check few pics or someone who appreciated me with their kind compliments. Also many big photographers who gave me suggestions to improve my ways to see things. It feels like to have an extended family who help you to stand again when you stumble and always there to cheer you up when you have done something great.

This wonderful place turned an amateur photographer into someone who can now proudly say I have improved a lot in terms or photography basics and many more small things. But still there is a long way to go to be a decent photographer who can click anything random to make it more beautiful.

Thanks a lot to all my blogging friends and mentors who helped me to be here. Hope I’ll keep this journey going with your continues help and support.

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