Oh Wooww….Me And Very First Award at WordPress…

A usual Monday for me I woke up late to think what do be done on this Monday to start this week in a better way than last week. I opened my laptop and found that aleniaban nominated my blog for an Award and I was shocked. Reason for being shocked was obvious as my blog never had many followers and I could not post on regular basis so all I could do was to open her blog and see what it is exactly.

But finally after reading through it I was happy that I got nominated…thats all mattered at that moment (and still…) as its a way to encourage blogger like me (having less than 200 followers) to be more active.


Thanks a lot Aleni for your nomination and it made the start of my new week super duper happy. Hoping it will be like that till this weekend.


Aleni gave me below questions and I’ll try my best to answer:

1.  What’s your preferred mode of transportation?

I’d love to drive my own vehicle(car or scooter) but I could not learn driving yet. So it leaves me with the option of Auto.

2. Have you imagined yourself what you are right now?

No..I never imagined that I can be here where I am right now both professionally and personally. Its something unexpected coming my way.

3. If you have one thing that needs to be done today, what would it be?

My mom went back to my native place, I’ll just bring her back to be with me at my place.

4. What language do you wish you could speak fluently?

Korean…I love watching K-dramas and learning Korean language bit by bit and I’d love to be fluent in it.

5. What’s your kind of day?

My Kind of day…hmmm pretty difficult to answer as it all depends on my mood. If I am in good mood then all I’ll do is watching k-dramas back to back with Ramen (Ramyun) and a cup of tea. Secondly to click tons of pictures with my camera.

And if my mood is bad then all I do is sleep whole day or click photographs of any random thing around me. Just to straighten out my mood.

6. What would you tell your least favorite teacher right now?

Sorry sir/madam for not liking you then as now I can understand that what all you did was your best.

7. Would you change anything about yourself?

Yes I would like to change my short temper. As I get angry very very easily even with my closest family members and friends.

8. Dog or cat?

Not sure…I dont like either.

9. Do you believe in faith?

Yes I do but only in God. As Faith in God makes life easier, as we can feel that God can’t do anything bad to you and whatever happening today (bad or good) is going to be end for our Best in future.

10. Have you witnessed a miracle?

Yes I have witnessed not just one but so many…..

As Miracles are the smallest things happening around that we can see and feel, with a increased heart beat and eyes popping out, hows that possible to happen with me. And I had encountered so so so many things like that in my life till date.


Here are my nominations:

1. lenzexperiments.wordpress.com

2. ilovepainting80.wordpress.com

3. beatsofpieces.wordpress.com

4. vicariouslypoetic.wordpress.com

5. snehankekre612.wordpress.com

6. lisarosier.com

7. itsallhers.wordpress.com

8. flowersandbreezes.wordpress.com

9. allthingscuteandbeautiful.wordpress.com

10. sabethville.wordpress.com


And the questions:

1. What’s the meaning of your name and does it have any similarity/significance to your personality ?
2. What was your reason to start the blog ?
3. You are writer or a photogrpaher ?
4. You one quality that you like the most ?
5. What was/is the happiest moment of your life and why ?
6. Your most favroite tourist place you have visited and one you want to visit ?
7. Which mobile phone do you own right now ?
8. Most expensive gadget that you bought till date that too with your own salary ?
9. What is Love for you ?
10. If God asks you one of your wish. what would it be ?


Here are the rules for Liebster Award :

1. Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
2. Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.


Your time to be on hot Seat…..


8 thoughts on “Oh Wooww….Me And Very First Award at WordPress…

Add yours

  1. Pooja Congrats!

    & thanks too! I was just going through your list of photography blogs and realised we have so many in common! Great minds think alike eh! I’m a little behind on thanking and posting on the awards (I’ll get round to it soon, I promise!) …but I’ll be definitely checking out your nominees…

  2. Wow! I’m really surprised that I’ve been nominated. You see, I don’t have many followers and don’t post on a regular basis. Thank You for nominating me 🙂

  3. Congrats to you. Thank you Pooja for the nomination. I am grateful. This is my fourth nomination. I am wondering how I am going to answer all those questions.
    Your page is lovely.

    1. your most welcome dear….and congrats to you too.
      fourth nomination…thats interesting. u must hv to think hard to get all the answers. all the best for it.

      Thanks a lot for liking my page……its first time that someone praised my page n not just the pics. And it means a lot cause i really worked hard for it to make it this way. thanks once again…:)

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