Night Walk and My Favorite Place

What I love in my office the most is Night Walk, that too around between 2.30-3.30 am.

I have no specific reason why I love wandering around in my office campus during that time of night when it feels like an Isolated Island with no living creatures around. And when most of the people prefer sitting inside the office with warm cup of coffee or sitting in cafeteria to chat with their colleagues. But during this time I prefer to be alone with my thoughts.

So when I am left alone with myself what I feel is A Moon peeping through the clouds…like reflecting the loneliness down on the earth in its way from far above. It is with numerous stars but still is alone being the Only Moon out there.

Cool Breeze passing through….makes me feel like life is all good ir-respective of how tough life is on the side.

Light Poles shining so bright…..showing the path ahead in that darkest time without worrying that its not needed when Sun will be back on duty in the Morning.

And Lastly….it gives me so much time to be with Myself and think about what I am ? To do some brainstorming about where I am heading towards in my Personal Life ? To do some self analysis about which decision is to be made for a better tomorrow and many many more small or big thoughts run in mind while I admire the surroundings.

Besides this I don’t like crying even if things are at worst around me as I feel like I am being weak if I cry (but still crying is one of the best ways to get rid of the burdens of pain that we keep carrying with us in day to day life) so this is the time I use to cry a little in order to be back on the track for next venture.

In short that Night Walk all alone in office campus makes me Strong, and gives me chance to see the flip side of the coin almost all the time and believe me its still the same even after 3 years when I first started this habit of walking during night.

And the best place in that big campus is below…a small path turning towards right. I could never figure out why I feel so attached with this particular small area but whenever I am here at this spot (where I have clicked the Pic) I feel all my emotions at the highest peak (happy or sad or excitement). The reason can be it gives me an impression of an unseen future, a hope for a better turn in life and a curiosity to encounter something unknown.My Fav Place

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