Daily Prompt: Our House

Daily Prompt: Our House

What are the earliest memories of the place you lived in as a child? Describe your house. What did it look like? How did it smell? What did it sound like? Was it quiet like a library, or full of the noise of life? Tell us all about it, in as much detail as you can recall.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HOME.

My dad had transferable job so we had to change cities every 2-3 years. And couple of times we were for 7 years in a city as well. But still none of those places caught my attention as my Paternal home with my Lovely Grand-Parents around. We used to visit them twice every years on Holi and Diwali. And those days were the best days for me.

Its situated in Kasganj, Distt Etah, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Description….It was a fascinating place full of love and affection….a wooden front door with a latch on top. Our train was scheduled to reach 1.30 am at night and my dad used to hit that latch on the door to wake everyone up and then my grand mom started to call with joy that we have come. That was the most most amazing and heart-warming welcome I have ever heard and encountered in life so far. Reason excitement to us after so many months and love in her voice always made me wonder how much she loved us….just how much…..And now when my mom does the same thing to me when I go back to home I just re-live those moments again.

As soon as we crossed the front door….a small porch having hand pump and stairs to go on rooftop at right hand side. At the end of porch there were three old styled wooden doors for the very first room and it had another room behind. First room had three big big frames hanging on wall on left side, one at center of Lord Rama with his family on its right Lord Hanuman’s but I can’t recall the third one. It had one shelf at front and there was placed my Grand dad’s Old Radio which he loved very much. And I too loved it just cause of its Antic Looks but I loved it more when during cricket world cup we could not watch Semi Final Match between South Africa and Australia on tv (due to power cut) and then we listened all commentary on that Radio that too on the Rooftop with cool breeze. It was all exciting like doing something extraordinary. A small black and white TV set which had Doordarshan and I loved watching it sitting with Grand dad. What I loved the most was how he used to describe all News and current affairs simultaneously to me while watching it.

We had a big kitchen too….where I used to tease my mom whenever she was there cooking just to get some attention as she used to get so busy there to not to notice me at all (so my naughty self could not digest my mom ignoring me at). Also I always love asking my Grand dad to get angry with my dad as he used to shout at me for not studying (lol…)those was the most awesome moments of my life, when grand dad started to shout at my dad and he just used to listen everything like an obedient son they both used to trick me like that to make me happy and smiling.

Then on rooftop….My grand dad used to teach me play Chess, and show me all his collection of new paper cutting sitting on a charpai. There was Tamarind Tree just on front of the rooftop and we all kids love plucking tamarind (kachi imli) from it. When i was just 4-5 yrs old My grand dad was a principal in college and he used to give tuition to students, I used to sneak peek from the stairs so that he could call me. And as soon as he used to call I ran and sit in his lap all happily smiling. He used to teach all students and I used to look at them with so proud that see I am so big in front of you. I was always a curious soul and I am still the same, and what I liked the most was to ask question and my grand dad loved answering all my silly, stupid questions. I would ask just a small thing and he used to tell me everything in detail. And I still wonder how come he was so Intelligent in just everything…….recalling all those days just make me cry.

A place with so  many memories….happy – sad – good- bad but all are going to be with me life long. As it was just not a home for me it was a part of my Personality, reason for me to be what I am today. Cause I have seen My mom-dad respecting my grand parents like God, My Grand parents loving my parents and me and brother more than their own life, how disciplined a person should be, how determined we have to be in tough situations, keep fighting always. And many many more teachings.

Everything at this place was so unique that I can consider it as an Antic for me…..from its build to furniture to emotions to respect and love….just everything.

If it would have been the same way now as it was then I would have spent years to click it again and again in my camera.

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