Sun ‘n’ Moon Together

I always wanted to click pics having both Sun and Moon together in one frame…obviously that’s not possible so I could thought to have one’s reflection through a mirror and other one up high in the Sky.

Just one day all of a sudden I got the situation in front of my eyes.

Moon was about to start its journey for the night (on the top right corner) while Sun was bidding adieu to the evening and I could see its reflection through a Window glass of an under construction building (on left hand side)

Sun n Moon

3 thoughts on “Sun ‘n’ Moon Together

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  1. Love the shot! Clicking the moon during the day has been on my list too, but somehow it never panned out nicely.
    Seeing your love for photography I wanted to put in a word for a weekly feature I’ve started this Tuesday…I’d be delighted incase you decide to take a plunge. You share such cool shots…
    Here’s the first theme:

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