Fray – Of A Nearly Missed Accident

Weekly Photography Challenge: Fray

Don’t stand on the sidelines: join in and show us a photo that says “fray” to you.


My Fray Pic…..that is the  proof of A Nearly Occurred major accident but I was lucky enough.

I had a lunch outing with my old team mates and I was getting ready for it. Ironed my dress, selected matching accessories, footwear, sent pics to my best friend and she approved all of it. I was so happy and excited to meet my lovely team after so many months. I could not think of anything much and left the house after checking all electrical appliances and water taps (as I was alone at home that day so I had to make sure everything is OK to leave). Had an amazing day full of fun, entertainment and so much affection and warmth from each one in my team.

We went back to office, finished days work and then after whole 12 hours I returned back to my home. I was on call with my above mentioned best friend and with so much excitement to tell her each n everything happened that day…

and and I WAS DEAD SHOCKED to see my Iron still plugged inside the socket and it was still switched ON. only saving grace was Iron was not horizontally placed on the bed instead it was vertically (just a side line directly in touch with my best sheet) placed. I could not even imagine what all could have happened that day and how worse it could have been…..It was all God’s grace to prevent that accident.

And today that side line on bed sheet looks like this…..FRAYED. And keeps reminding me to be more careful while leaving home next time again.


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