Mobile Phone – Your Photography Journey’s First Station

If you own a Smartphone and usually stop on your way to click something that caught your attention or keep an eye on an object for a long time to find right moment before clicking it… then you aspire to be a Photographer and want to own your Camera one day.

If you said Yes to all what I mentioned above, then be with me to know more about this journey from Smartphone to Camera. And how it will help you to learn more about Photography.

photography journey

First let’s get started with Mobile Photography…

What’s Mobile (Smartphone) Photography

That’s pretty simple and straightforward as its name.. whenever you click photos using your phone its Mobile Photography. And best thing about it is you don’t have to worry about anything critical (lens, focal length etc) or technical (Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed etc.) before clicking you object. You can click it the way you like and the way you want. At the end you will have one satisfactory feeling cause photos will turn out exactly how you wanted to click.

Benefits of Mobile Photography

Just cause you don’t have to take care of anything Too Technical, you can concentrate on your creative eye, can improve your photographic sense, can develop your own focusing style, practice your own farming preference and find what motivates you to go for a click and exploring the reason why you want to click.

That’s exactly what’s necessary to Be You in this vast world with so many Skilled Professional Photographers.

Don’t buy anything expensive yet cause that money spent will burden you to learn it fast but when you can’t (cause it will have much more to learn and practice before mastering it) you will feel frustrated. Which will push you away from both your love for photography and DSLR.

My suggestion is before buying big and expensive gadget become perfectionist of the one you already own. Learn slowly,  steadily and whenever you want till you feel you are good for next level. So that when you finally have it you’ll feel accomplished to reach next level. Just like your favorite computer game, keep winning lower levels to attain eligibility for next level.

How to be better at Photography with Mobile

just practice it more… every day and night…now and then.

Click any or every object that you can see (or want) and click. Once you have one picture then do some brainstorming how it can look better if you change the focus or frame ? Will it look good if you put object in center of the image or at any of the sides ? What will give more depth to the picture landscape mode or portrait mode ? etc….

That’s the only way to develop or improve your photographic sense.

Just like it worked for me… my very first mobile phone which I bought for Photography was in 2009, Nokia N86. And I clicked almost 500 pictures in very first month with it just to be sure how i can click a better photo. It was with me for 3 years and learn many things while using.

Some of those marvelous photo are below:

Clicked by Nokia N86
Sun peeping through trees by N86
Street Light View by N86

Then Galaxy S3 was the second mobile i bought again keeping photography in mind and used it for another 3 years till 2012. And clicked some really nice and creative clicks which are my all time favorite.

Heart by 2 flowers by Galaxy S3

So what are you doing here… go out and click whatever you like and practice…practice…and practice.

Dont underestimate Mobile and its capability to transform you from Hobbyist to Ametuer Photographer. But for that you have to be consistent, determined, practice continuously without break and keep your focus on learning Photography.

And eventually you will be happy to buy a new Camera being confident enough to learn with it.

Bye take care. And Ill be back with next stopage of this journey i.e. Point and Shoot camera or P&S with Manual functions cameras.

Hope this article helps you all in using Mobile as your friend to guide you to be a better Photographer. Let me know how you found this article.  Have any doubts or concerns please share in comments.

Did you also use your Mobile to learn Photography, if yes we would love to know yout story and how it helped you ?

Anything else you want to share feel free to do so in comments below.


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