Learn Origami – Pursue Creativity and relive your childhood

In our childhood days we used to make many things from Paper, be it a Boat during rainy season or an Airplane to fly it in classroom… and how much happy we were while successfully making it and seeing it float (boat) or fly (plane).  Those Childhood days were just Awesome and I still miss them.. Don’t you too miss those days ?

So I found this very interesting and creative activity i.e. Origami just to have fun by making some cute things. And it feels so good after making something almost perfect. Besides this it was so much like reliving those childhood days while pursuing this new creative hobby.

Let’s know more about Origami below…

What is Origami

Its one famous Japanese Art of making beautiful things using only Paper and by folding it Creatively. I did mention it, in Practicing Creativity  post, to be one of the activities that can help us in developing our creative side and feel like a child again.

Origami is made of two words Ori + Gami.

Ori means Folding, Gami means Paper.

How I found Origami

Story how I found Origami is also very interesting one. I only heard about Origami in past as it is good art and unique one too, but never did any research about it.

And one fine day I was watching Healer, one of my most favorite Korean Drama, in one of its scene one beautiful Origami Star (check Star below) was shown.


And I was so fascinated by this Star that I started my research to find how to make that star and what it is called ? And finally after searching for one whole day I found it to be Origami.

Origami came into my life so unexpectedly…and is still with me…

How I learnt it

Finally I found another activity to learn and to enjoy my time doing it.

I spent so many days to search where to find paper to make those beautiful Origami things, finally found it here. After getting hold of Origami papers I started my research on internet as to how to make things.

Found many YouTube videos and online websites and follow instructions to make some really nice and beautiful things.

Websites from where I learnt:



What all I created

I enjoyed a lot while making Flowers, Hearts, Stars, Butterflies and some of those are below…


How You can Learn

Same way as I learnt… you just have to love what you are doing and practice it, till you master it, if not master at least learn making few things. And continue….That’s it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much I enjoyed writing it.

Do you have any hobbies that make you feel like a child…if so share with us in comments ?

Sayōnara… and we will meet in my next post…

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