How and Why I’ll cherish my one random Photo forever ?

Remember being a small kid asking for your favorite thing as b’day gift from your dad…and later at night finding that gift under your pillow…can you recall those emotions of being the most happiest person on planet…. I guess you surely can.

And why did I ask you to have this trip down memory lane ?

Because that’s exactly what I am feeling right now… actually it’s yesterday’s incident but I am still almost on cloud nine.

The achievement was nothing great still I am happy cause I consider small moments of same importance as of big ones in my life.

And what’s that… check that below…

So here is story….

I posted one of my clicked photos on my Viewbug profile. And all of a sudden I got this mail in my inbox telling me my Most Popular Pic, which I posted long back in January this year.

2                                 1

I just couldn’t believe it… because that picture was one random photo I clicked while playing with macro filters. I never thought of it to be outstanding as compared to many other.

But it was one photo, just like dark horse, that outshined some of my well planned, well framed photos.

And that made me happy *dancing like one happy girl* seeing all those awards once again:

3                 4

And here is the picture itself:


Did it happen to you when your just one random click got more accolade than well planned… do let me know in comments…?


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