5 Reasons Why I Love Photography ?

Did you ever feel not being content with your day job even if you are happy with your work/salary? You are not able to satisfy your hyperactive brain? Your heart flutters when you see someone’s creative piece of work, be it one awesome photograph or heart touching poem or one beautifully served yummy dish?

I am sure you must have nodded yes for at least one of my questions..  That’s exactly what I asked myself and found my answers 8 years back as Photography.

Why I love Photography… this post will elaborate that for you…

1. Photography allows me to see things in my own way:

I could not ignore that bunch of flowers

2. The moment I hold my Camera I forget everything else…

and this whole universe revolves around me and my camera. It transports me to another world where all the objects telling me their story and asking me to capture that story in my Camera.

Clicked using Galaxy S3
One Heart – Two flowers telling me their story. and I ended clicking it.

3. The Philosopher me becomes excited finding so many perspectives around

I am one Philosopher by heart and follow that perspective while clicking any of the things/object. And eventually when I look at that clicked photo I feel satisfied seeing my perspective well captured as those photos.

Life and Death in one Frame

4. It Helps me in expressing my thought

Besides this I am one very expressive person but not good with words for those expressions.

So there comes Photography to my rescue. I can click everything I want to and those photos help me in expressing my thoughts in much better way than words/poems.

All Colors
Colors Are within, that’s what I thought while looking at this beautiful yellow flower.

5.  Lastly makes me feel alive from that boring day job of mine.

Office work does not let me use my creativity so I utilize it as much as I can with Photography.

Affection Redefined

So here was my Story why I Love Photography… and I hope you liked it.

You too Love Photography.. Do share your story why you love it in comments below ?

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