How my DSLR works as a Machine – Lets Unfold the Mystery – Part 1

Hello Everyone…

So far I could write only few topics that I learned in last 6 months with my beloved Canon 700D. I tried to elaborate things in the same manner as I understood. Later got busy with office work and did not get time to start my researched based self-learning. And could not post anything more.

But somehow I stole time from my sleep and did some Research, and back with one topic that I’ll write it in same – simple way as my brain absorbed the information.

And the topic I selected is… How My DSLR works as a Machine?

Why did I pick this topic… that’s simple because I am one curious soul and always have so so many questions inside my brain? And when I thought to start my research about DSLR and its photography concepts I came across a page explaining how two curtains of shutter works together to expose all the pixels of an image for exact same time (Tv = shutter speed of the camera)

And that made me wonder what all actually happens mechanically inside my camera once light enters through the lens. So that motivated me to find more about it.

Then after spending good amount of time, in scratching my head – playing with my Camera, some hair pulling and loads of internet exploration, finally I could unfold the mystery of how actually DSLR works.

Here I divided it in three parts:

  1. What all My DSLR consists of – this post is about the same.
  2. How those parts works individually – that’s what I’ll explain in next installment.
  3. How everything works together to give me that marvelous picture – that’d be final and last part of this series.

Let’s start our journey inside the DSLR along-with that light that just entered the lens. And as I mentioned above this first part will focus on this things camera has.

1. How DSLR got its name?

Its no brainer to find the full form of DSLR which is Digital Single-Lens Reflex. But why its named so it really intersting. It has Mirror-Prism mechanism (hold onto this term till I explain it in next chapter) where incoming light gets reflected by mirror onto the prism, due to which it got the name as Single-Lens Reflex. Besides this having digital image sensor to capture the image added Digital into the name.

2. What all it has inside?

Before that let’s check how it looks from outside… (isn’t it lovely… )


And here we will see what’s all it has inside:

1 (2)

There is one almost prototype of a DSLR and the numbers here are the parts of the DSLR that work together to capture the picture. On the left hand side I have one bird which is visible to the eye on right through eye piece.

I know this image on right does not look like a Camera at all. Please bear with me as I am very new with info-graphics so that’s all I could manage for now. And I am learning very diligently to create better info-graphics, hoping it’ll improve with time.

Besides this I could not use knife or saw to cut down my DSLR just to get that perfect cross-section view of its inside (ahh how could I even write that.. I’ll be mean to even dream about cutting down my lifeline )

Now let’s get back to our original question…What’s in it? and What those numbers are…

Keep reading.. you’ll get your answers….

Below picture has the answers to the numbers of above picture:      2

Here on the left comes the list of what all was visible in above picture.

All these parts will be explained in next part of this series in detail. And how they work individually and latter together to give that final picture.

Did you know (or ever curious about it) that this tiny (ok not so tiny machine) has so many parts inside which actually clicks the pictures on behalf of DSLR, yes on behalf of cause DSLR gets all credit when task is done by all those tiny parts collectively, to give us one marvelous outcome.

Just to let you know…I was always curious to know that and when I finally found the reality it was so fascinating.

And that’s all for today.

I’ll be back soon with next chapter of this as to what all these small things do individually.

Do let me know how and when you got to know about internal small yet powerful machinery of DSLR?

And if its first time you found it here… wasn’t it interesting to know?

If you have anything to share or any inputs to help me improve this blog…do let me know in comment section.


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