How Procrastination lost to One Inspiring speech ? 

I rarely ponder over things if they are not related to Photography or my other 2 passions. And it’s highly unlikely that I get my hands on keyboard determined to write something about it. But I am doing it right now due to recently found inspiration in one speech of WordCamp 2009.

I was searching (as I always do) about how to do SEO optimization on Expecting to get some tips or tricks how I can do it on my wordpress blog. And to give you an idea My blog, as of now, is like an almost dried river waiting for a messiah (i.e. me, who is lazy and master of procrastination) to revive it.

And in hope I stumbled upon this page of wordcamp 2009 video With high expectations that it will give me some instant tips to answer my doubts I played it. As soon as it started I was so impressed with so much knowledge all over the video, in form of presentations or Matt’s words. 

His analogies, examples. He was telling all right things and in very simple way. So many examples of page ranks, SERP, how page rank gets passed on from higher ranked pages to lower ranked and many more.

And when he mentioned about Katamari game and gave the mantra “Start small and develop your skills”. That struck me hard.. very hard truly speaking. So far I was not even thinking about developing my skills as Photographer or Blogger but rather concentrating so much on making it noticeable on page ranks using SEO tricks.

I was more worried about virtual things and not about me true passion of learning more and more about Photography. And always procrastinating going out with my camera or posting any of my pics or even writing any

I never thought about how I would make this blog recognizable when I am not even writing consistently. How will my Blog River will flow when there is no water in it? And this speech had answers to all my questions.

Nothing can happen on its own to this blog until I do it. I read somewhere a quote which is as below:

Dreams dont work, unless you do…!!!

                                                        Jhon C Maxwell

And that quote was explained in form of that Katamari game in this speech.

After watching video till end I got my motivation back, I am more determined now than ever before. That too for learning more about Photography and then writing more.

I have to do my bits first to develop my Photography skills, and then writing regularly be it about anything (not actually anything… but something good and interesting enough to get reader’s interest). Which can make this blog a better place for me to spend my time and other people can find something good or relatable here. Then only it will perform decently on any criteria I’ll think of.

That’s the reason I am writing this post. Because I wanted to write something and thought why not about my recently found inspiration. It would be the best way to improve my blogspace experience.

Lastly… I am happy to be here where I can write what I like, share my photographs (no matter how bad they are)…. Being expressive makes me alive and this place is the channel I let my expressions flow.

Thank you for reading till here one long post.

Did you ever lost track of your true calling,if yes then how did you find your inspiration back for doing what you love? Please do share so that I can get motivation to do even better.

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