Pros and Cons of Vanguard Gun Head Tripod Espod CX 203 AGH

Review: Aluminium Tripod Espod CX 203 AGH

Finally I purchased  The Tripod

Why THE.. cause while it was missing from my collection I could not try my hands in clicking those beautiful looking clouds. I could only yearn and sigh in disappointment every time I see clouds all high and mighty and challenging me to click them.

And then I decided why not save some money and go for it. I bought it from here ( affiliate link)… and now I can finally have it in my hands or have my Camera on it and try some Long Exposure clicking… and feel happy.

It’s been a week this beauty is with me and I thought why not try writing about it a bit. It would certainly help fellow beginners out there who are hunting for a good – light weight – handy tripod.

Here I go:

Product: Vanguard Aluminium Tripod Espod CX 203 AGH With Gun Head (affiliate link)

Head Type: Gun Head

Height: Fully extended – 61inch, Collapsed to mount the camera– 22 inch, Fully Collapsed to keep in bag – 23 inch.

Weight: 1.7 kg.

Accessory: One nice bag but not sure if its durable enough to last a while.

MRP: 4490 INR (Amazon , Affiliate Link)(While I bought it for 3190INR in lightening deal)

I was pretty confused as buying a Tripod was like an uphill task for me. I started my research some 3 months back and looking all over internet finding Tripod which will fit all my expectations:

  1. Strong n Sturdy – to hold my precious DSLR and the lens on it.
  2. Usability – I can use it in all the directions with same proficiency.
  3. Light – so that I can bring it where I go
  4. Compact – so that I ca carry it comfortable (I am short height girl and I dint want to buy a Tripod which would look bigger even I carry it all folded)
  5. Price – it should not be expensive 😉 (Money does matter, don’t you think so)

After doing all my research I finally narrowed down to below three:

  • Photron Stedy Pro 560
  • TripodBenro T880EX Digital Tripod Kit
  • Vanguard Aluminium Tripod Espod CX 203 AGH With Gun Head

Both a and b are Pan and Tilt while c is Gun Head Tripod.

So my final selection was A Gun head tripod i.e. Vanguard Aluminium Tripod Espod CX 203 AGH With Gun Head

I am using this for last one week and clicked almost 100 pics with, spent almost 10 – 12 hours with it. So thought its right time to write about it as review.

Analysis + Pros

Top most part is a camera plate fixed over ball head. Also quick shoe with pop and unlock mechanism, which is very easy to use and good enough to hold you camera firmly.

It also has one Spirit level which helps you in keeping your camera level perfectly horizontal. While using pistol grip to fix the camera keep an eye on the spirit level the moment it’s perfectly covering the tiny dot that means camera is leveled correctly.


There one screw just below camera plate. This screw supports panning of your camera. It’s very easy and smooth to use. You will not feel it’s hard to move or it’s stuck. It will help you in panoramic photography.


Next part is Pistol Grip Knob with Friction control. Pistol grip is great innovation to have control over the camera movement (not overly movement). The moment you unscrew the knob it’s ready to move in all directions you want it to, 360degree movement is possible. You will never feel stuck while looking in your view finder that you can’t go any further and you have to step back re-adjust the knob. It’s quick and easy to use. The friction control makes it very handy to use as it can keep your camera fixed when there is no external force, if it’s tightened correctly. And if you want to move the camera just start moving the pistol in desired direction.


Center column is anti-spin and gives stability to the structure. It also has one orange color shock absorber rubber. In case you drop the column along-with the camera this rubber with absorb the shock and save your life (because it will save your expensive camera and lens).

5    1

Aluminum alloy legs with quick flip leg locks are pretty sturdy. Locks are easy to lock/unlock so that you can adjust the height of the tripod as per your requirement. At the bottom of these legs there are anti slip angled rubber to stabilize the tripod on ground. Also prevents any unnecessary movement.



There is only one con to this Tripod.. That Pistol Grip head I talked so highly earlier. It needs lots practice to master.

Just in one or two day of use you cannot think it’s best for you. It will be bit out of the place initially as that Knob will distract you many time, and make you feel how to use it to get perfect angle.

You will feel frustrated when you try to level the camera using its knob. It will mostly fail then pass in your hit and trail attempts. And you might feel like you have wasted your amount on it.

But good news is… that’s just the start. You can practice with it and it will grow on you. Eventually you can’t think of your camera without it. Just like it happened with me.

Stability wise it’s great (so far I have used it indoors and at my society garden and it was well stable) but for windy environment it might not be great (just a assumption.. as haven’t used it outside). As its light so it might give you hiccups.

Bottom Line

I loved this tripod. Its gives me perfect combination of control over my camera and desired movement. The moment I tighten up pistol knob I need not to worry about its always moving head. And at the same time keep my camera steady enough to click (in last one week I found one perfect balance of friction which gives me both at the same time). 360 degree panning is another useful option which allows me to pan as much as I want.

So that’s my review on latest entrant to my gear collection.

Hope you like it. Let me know what’s your views on Gun Head over Ball head? Which would you prefer and why.

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3 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Vanguard Gun Head Tripod Espod CX 203 AGH

Add yours

  1. Thanks for posting an elaborate review. I was searching for a detailed review on the same and and came up here. After going through the review, from your experience with the product, I would like to know it’s usability for shooting videos -Is it possible to pan perfectly horizontal using the gun head ?

    1. Thanks a lot for liking this review. I wrote it just so someone get help and in buying a new tripod.

      Regarding your question to put it simply “It can’t”, cause Gun Head is way too fluid to keep the panning perfectly horizontal all the time. So I’d suggest to not to go for this is video is your primary task you’d be doing with new tripod as it will frustrate you a lot and hamper your shooting.
      And I can suggest non gun head version from Vanguard (CX203AP) which can work perfectly in the situation you mentioned. you can check it at amazon (

      Thanks again.

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