Long Exposure Photography @120sec Shutter Speed (Tv)

For so many days I was just clicking pictures with no specific aim or idea what I wanted to click. But last couple of days I got a bug of learning Long Exposure (LE) Photography.  And this post will tell you how I finally managed to get one such click.

And when I looked around, I could not find any water body, waterfall or river to try my hands on it. Somehow these clouds, all rushing from one side of frame to another side just in front of my balcony, caught my eyes. And I thought to use them as my guinea pig for learning Long Exposure.

I bought my new new tripod just for this purpose, cause I can’t keep my hands steady for 2 minutes (and I bet no one else can.. even if its Shaktiman..)

After my so many experiments, lots of patience (that’s one trait that I rarely exhibit) and online research… finally I could click one decent picture at extremely Long Exposure i.e. 2 min (120sec).

As of now… I’ll consider this as my The Best LE click but I am sure the bug within me is still curious to see what else I can do with this newly learnt technique. So many more such picture will be posted here and there.

clouds, rain,
Clouds Just Before Rain; Canon 700D, EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II, f/11, 121.6 ,100,@18mm

So in order to get this click..

  1. I set up my tripod in balcony and started clicking random clicks from 6.30 pm onwards.
  2. Initially clouds were only of blue color so all pictures did not have contrast in color. and as there was lots of light I could not go beyond 8 seconds. Also even in bulb mode it would be impossible to get that click (with my current experience thats what I thought)
  3. But finally after 7.30 pm I found some variation in color, dark blue – grey – purple.
  4. So I started increasing shutter speed and clicked many pictures from 10 to 30 seconds.
  5. Finally when I fixed Av (Aperture) at f/11, EV (Exposure Value) was -2 and I calculated Tv (Shutter Speed) should be 120 seconds to get 4 times more light in to make EV=0.
  6. And then at 7.51 PM I found perfect moment and kept camera shutter pressed for 2 minutes to get this decent click.. Finally

Lastly.. Normally I used to take 1-2 more clicks after my final picture but today I was

confident that I don’t need any more cause this is what I was looking for.

Did you ever find any such lesson which you wanted to learn badly and practiced hard for it ? Let me know in comments…



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