God was testing my Patience while I tested Light-trail Photography

Finally I mustered up courage to go out of my house for Photographing new things but little did I know I was badly in need of Patience along with courage… and why I said so.. see explanation in this post…

I went out of my house at my society’s gate at around 8.30pm and found one nice place to sit and mount camera on tripod. Everyone standing near the gate of my society, be it security guard or people standing there, were staring at me as if I am an alien and holding something which does not belong to this earth. And those stares made me conscious and for one moment I thought to go back….

But I still decided to not to go back and clicking something interesting. Then came one passerby, he looked at my tripod mounted camera once and questioned “which camera is this“. I replied with the exact model of my camera. Then I got the next question “does it have night vision“. I was not sure what to reply and how so that he can understand ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed that enables a DSLR click in darkest of nights. And lastly I decided to say its a DSLR and it does have all the features you think of (ah that must not be the best explanation to give..but that was my first encounter of people coming up to me while clicking so I was actually SHOCKED and could not find anything better to say). And  he left with some strange expressions that I could not decipher.

And this was the image I snapped while talking to him:

I clicked some more Light-trail images there one such is below:

And then moved to another place just few steps away, mounted my camera on the tripod. And all of a sudden when I looked back and I found one of security guards still looking at me (he must be thinking of me as one crazy girl who is wandering around with some strange things). I ignored it and concentrated on moving vehicles, what Shutter Speed – Aperture combination to select.

Then came one more Old man who literally tested my patience. And how you can see that in below conversation:

Old Man: what are you doing.

Me: I am a Photographer

OM: but what are doing here

Me: I am clicking Photos

OM: what you’ll get from clicking photos here

Me: I am learning how to click photos at night (and showed him already clicked light-trail clicks… and I am sure he did not know what was that)

OM: and why are doing so

By this time I was frustrated with his questions… so my answers were bit technical

Me: I am learning Photography and I have to submit an assignment and that’s exactly the reason I am standing here at this time clicking Photos of what I have to submit (phew that was long answer in writing..but while speaking I did use some punctuation)

OM: So you have already completed studies or you’ll study ?

Me in my head *God please save me*

Me: I am studying

OM: from where

Me: From an online course (that was the limit of my patience)

OM: Ok.. sorry please don’t mind me asking. I just got curious looking at you here with this so could not stop asking you.

He left after saying so …. so I thanked God and got back to my Camera to click.

But all is well if ends well…

And at last after all that hard work, patience testing I got one nice Light-trail image as below:

So yesterday I learned not just light-trail but also to work on my patience in case similar incident happens in future.

Did you ever have any such encounter where you were dumbfounded what to tell and how ? if yes do share in comments.

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