Panchgani Trip – Final Part

This is the last and final part about how the second day of the trip was spent visiting more tourist spots and how fun it was.

First part was about my journey till tent house, and second part was more about rest of the day 1. Let me take you the beautiful place that Panchgani is with my below post.

Next day i.e. July 31st I got up at 05:30 am, which was again very tough task for me, but I wanted to witness beautiful sunrise  there. So I managed to overcome my weakness of sleep and firmly went out. But it was not a good sight outside as there was not even iota of hint of Sun or its rays due to clouds all over. So I came back and waited for another hour and this time it was not any better than before.

But I could not just sit inside when I had the camera, so I started roaming around and click many pictures of the Tent House and small things around:



By the time I was clicking these picture everyone else too got up and we had tea. And it was a very nice photography session.


We had to leave at 12:00 pm so everyone got ready to have breakfast by 10:00 am. And once done we were all set to leave the beautiful place. But not without taking tons of pictures in different poses and antics.

We started at 12:15 pm and reached our next destination Sydney Point, which I loved the most. Solely cause it was a marvelous place to click so many pictures around. And I did not waste the opportunity. Its such serene place that no one would want to leave it after sitting there for just half an hour.

I clicked so many pictures here not  just of surroundings but my friends too.




Next was Thapa Point famous for Skydiving. Another lovely place to spent some quality time. And with so much of greenery around I could just be there forever.

And last point of our trip was Mapro Garden.


Time well spent at Mapro Garden and we did some shopping too. If you go to Panchgani/Mahabaleshwar dont forget to visit Mapro Garden.

And then after spending half an hour there we started back for Pune. Had lunch on the way and finally reached Pune at 06:30 PM.

Below is my last click of the Trip.


Finally finished the whole Panchgani Trip series and it was so much fun and soulful trip. And helped me in improving myself as a Photographer.

Hope I’ll get more chances to visit many more such places in future to click as much as I can and enjoy being at new places too.

You can check remaining posts and more pictures here too.

Hope you enjoy this whole series just as much as I did while writing my experiences of the trip.

If you have any view/thoughts/queries for me do share in below comment sections.

See you soon in my next post.


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