“Do What You Can’t” – Lesson For Life

Yes I am late… again…!!!

… this time in posting Ganpati Celebration Pictures plus one tiny Behind The Lens story !!!


And cant help cause my other life depending hobby (I guess you know the name already) kept me busy all this while… so finally now I got time to put up some beautiful pictures of Ganpati Celebration at my Society…

But before the pictures let me tell you Behind The Lens story of these photographs…

This was very first time for me to go out and click pictures of people who were not my friends or whom I dint know on personal level. I was so nervous that my hands were shaking. And I had so much of negative thoughts as to what people will think and say about me with my camera… and much more.

At once I had dropped the idea of going out and to try it next year. But then I recalled the lesson I learnt a day before from a vlog of Casey Neistat which was Do what you can’t“. And that instantly transformed my Nervousness into Motivation. I decided to at least try it  before calling it quit. Also thought to go out and just enjoy the celebration without thinking of anything.

So I finally went out and found those kids were so excited seeing me with camera. They even posed so that I could get good pictures. As a result I ended up clicking so many nice pictures of kids dancing, playing, enjoying, people praying and Ganpati Idol.

I was so wrong about people’s reaction on the contrary they were so happy. I could win over biggest fear of my life as to What People Will Think. Also I never had such fun time ever before while clicking photos of strangers… and that may be cause

I finally did what I could not before.

And here are the pictures…








So that’s for today.. hope you liked the pictures and that little behind the story too. Do let me know your views on that.

Have you ever faced similar situations of being so nervous to go out and shoot ?? Do share your views in comments below…

C you in next post very soon !!!

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