Another day of “Doing What Scares You”

Annyeong-Haseyo Chingudeul…!!!


Don’t be… as I just said Hello (Annyeong-Haseyo) All My Friends (Chingudeul) but in Hangul i.e Korean language.

I love Korean Dramas and that love made me learn Korean Language, Korean Culture, Korean Food (but vegetarian Only)…and while I was writing I thought to sprinkle some of my love for South Korea and Korean things here and there just to make post a bit interesting (not sure if it worked…). And yes more about it will be in future posts.

Now back to Photography…


Last week’s post was about how I overcame my fear and how I covered Ganpati Aagman event at my society…

with so many beautiful and gorgeous images of Ganpati Idol at my Society…



…and today’s post will be an extension of that…

I am going one step forward. This time out on the streets, finding right place and perfect angle to click pictures of Ganpati Pandals.

It was the last day of Ganpati Festival so I could not waste the opportunity by being nervous and scared of crowd on road. So mustered up my courage, again followed the same advice as of last week Do What You Can’t and went ahead.

I took an auto to the nearest Pandal, which was just 3 kms away. I found the Idol was beautiful but the whole background was much more interesting and giving whole environment a royal look.

And I loved it so so much….but had to work really hard for finding the correct white balance and exposure…. at the same time keeping my anxiety under control of people there staring at me… it was another hand trembling moment for me.

But I could defeat all that nervousness. And below are the click of that Beautiful Ganpati Pandal…



Next I went to another nearby Pandal and there Ganpati Idol was so so cute, like a small little kid…. and I clicked couple of pictures there too…



Hope you liked this post… and do share your views too.

Did you ever face situation of being nervous at crowded place… if so do share in comments below.

Bye for now and C you in next post…very soon…

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