More I Click, More I Fall In Love…

…with my NiftyFifty

Nifty Fifty

If anyone ask me what did I do last whole week, my response would be:

  1. Making every nook and corner of my house shine for welcoming Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali.
  2. And when I was not doing #1, I was gushing over my lovely 50mm Prime Lens. And this is My Most Loved, Favorite Lens so far. And you can buy it here (affiliate link)

Earlier I never had a chance to compare the pictures I clicked using my kit lens and 50mm lens. But last week I happened to cover an event at my office and took 50mm with me on Day 1 (Wednesday). And clicked almost 40 pictures that day.

On Thursday too I was about to take just 50mm but then realize on other day I found frame was very tight as with 700D effective focal length I got was 80mm and not 50mm. And that was limiting me to cover a lot of scene in images. So just before leaving home I tossed 18-55mm as well in my bag. We had the main event on this day so clicked 167 pics. And at home exported all pictures (Day 1 and Day 2) to lightroom to select and post processed few. As those shortlisted images were needed on Friday.

All was good till Friday night, and I was happy with the images I got from 18-55mm as I was used to of seeing that quality in almost one year (oh yeah.. soon it will be one year anniversary of My DSLR in my hands).

But at Friday night when I finally had chance to look at all the images of both days to post process them. And when I compared the images of both the lenses, I was literally blown away by the Quality I got from 50mm lens. It was nothing I have ever seen before with any of my kit lenses.

Every image was Crisp, Sharp, Flawless and just Perfect. There was just nothing which I could pin point to say its not good or lacking. I was surprised how could such inexpensive and tiny lens can give me such lovely, marvelous images that I could ever think of. 

On other hand 18-55mm images were good too but they were lacking in that Crispness and Sharpness. I could feel there was a huge scope of improvement in those images.

See the images below with both lenses:

50mm Prime Lens



18-55mm Kit Lens


This 50mm lens is with me for almost 2 months now, and I am just falling head over heels for it. Its just so small, cute, little and less expensive lens but with such superb optics to give many other lenses (in its price range) run for their money. I have become a huge fan of it now and can’t imagine my camera without here onward.

Note: May be cause 50mm is the only lens I have other than my kit lens so I could see such drastic difference between image quality of the two. And if I buy any other lens that would give me same exceptional image quality than my kit lenses.

And yes I am working on writing a Full Review post about this lens. This coming week I’ll cover Diwali Festival with this lens, so that I can have more images to put for my words and also can learn more about its capabilities. And hoping it will be up soon.

Have you ever used this NiftyFifty lens, how did you find it ? Do share you views in comments below.

Bye for now.. C you soon in next post.

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