Finally I got my clicks Printed… !!!!!!!

Did you count number of Exclamatory signs in the title…..if not then do count cause then you’ll feel how how excited I am….

and the reason of such excitement is this…

These images already posted on my earlier blogposts I am adding links below:

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3 (guess what I havent posted this on my blog yet… I’ll post it soon)

Pic 4


In my whole life this is the very very first instance when I could hold the prints of my clicks, my very own images. I felt so so happy as if on cloud nine. I could not explain (not even now) how happy those moments were when I opened the box and saw these pics. This is one satisfactory feeling as if you got what you always wanted to have (at least it was for me)

Now I can feel seeing your clicks on someone’s, or your own, home wall as big poster…wowww that must be an other worldly feeling. So next would be my try to get one of my pic printed big for my home decor.

And about Canvera (non affiliated review) … this is one of the best Image Printing platforms across web. It has so many options to have your images print as posters, photobook, sharebook, wall frame and so many more. You will feel confused as to which option to select as everything looks perfect. I really had tough time to choose and order. But now seeing these images feels all that hard work is worth. Thank you so much Canvera

And if by any chance you too are looking for an option for print then Canvera should be the one to head over to. Also do let me know if you get your prints from there.

Did you have same experience in your life of seeing prints of your images for the very first time ? if yes do share below…

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