How Bridge Camera can help you to be a better Photographer ?

This post talks about what is a bridge camera and how it will help you to become a better photographer…lets dive in to know in detail.

Very recently one of my friend asked my suggestion about which Digital Camera to buy keeping his usage in mind. As he was not looking for any complicated camera requiring many additional things. I share a list of 4 such DigiCams, which are good enough to be almost DSLRs in terms of functionality and also self sufficient within itself.

And just then I recalled writing this post 6 months back where I discussed about Mobile Photography. Also traversed my photography journey with just a mobile phone (not even smarter one i.e. N86). How that helped in getting better slowly yet gradually in my starting days.

So I thought to carry on with the series from where I left it, i.e. Next Station of Photography Journey A Bridge Camera, commonly known as DigiCam or Digital Camera.

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What is Bridge Camera ?

These are special kind of Cameras which have all the functionality of big brother DSLR sans interchangeable lens. Means, they have everything for a Photographer and with no additional liability having to carry multiple lenses for different situations.

Not having interchangeable lens can surely put then on backfoot (cricketing term..) which gets compensated by some zoom-super zoom functions added to them. So lastly Bridge Cameras turn into good alternative of DSLRs.

Now about my journey…

After spending good 3 years with my mobile phone as my sole camera I finally decided to take a plunge in serious Photography (just a little more than mere hobby). And started searching for good cameras suitable for my requirement then. And all my searches redirected me towards A Camera with Manual Functions so that I could learn basics of Photography without spending a fortune on DSLRs. Also being the perfect partner for a novice without worrying about how to handle a sophisticated machine.

At last after doing research for 4-6 months I finally narrowed down to Canon SX 130IS (but dont ever ask me how I finalized…cause it was really head scratching time).


Only thing I was sure was to buy a Canon Camera and I stuck to the brand then (and now too with my upgrade to Canon 700D), so yeah Canon Fangirl… you can say.

PS: Its still working as great as it was then.

How it will help you just as it helped me !!!

You are still with me right… ?

If yes then for sure you have been with your mobile camera for a while and now looking for some guidance if you should buy a camera or not. And if yes then am sure you have improved your Photographic eye, can identify which angel is better for which kind of shots and many more basics as I explained here.

And buying a DigiCam will surely help you in your gradual journey of being a better Photographer (not the best yet..). Cause it has just the right things what you need to learn without getting overwhelmed with everything which you cant even handle.

You can start learning most important technical concepts of Photography i.e. Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed. What is Exposure and Exposure Triangle (I learnt all these concepts with my above mentioned Canon Camera during 2012-2014) .How Metering Mode works. When to select which White Balance (this is the most complicated thing for me as I am still working hard to learn it properly 😦 ) 

And all these concepts are the foundation stone of your whole Photography Knowledge. And after using your DigiCam for 3-4 years if you have bettered them, even not mastered, then I assure that you are going in right direction.

On the contrary, DSLRs are way more complicated with so much of buttons/dials/modes and to complicate the things further there are different lenses for different type of Photography (just as it happened with me…more about it in next installment)

This is just my personal opinion as I feel all the things to be learnt in proper step by step manner. Digicam is the perfect bridge to pave a path for an Hobbyist Mobile Photographer towards Amateur Photographer with DSLR (so they are called Bridge Camera not just like that.. that was a finding for me today)

Few clicks of my Canon SX130IS

standout20111127_img_1210_1_InstaGsunshine_6sunshine_320151111_IMG_3687_InstaGBeautiful flowerflower7 (1)


Just as I said in Mobile Photography post, Dont Underestimate. But this time the Photographer in you, just cause you dont have a shiny, expensive DSLR. Instead work harder in learning the trade and tricks of clicking beautiful pictures of your camera (I too have a story to tell about it… and I’ll share it soon)

And when you’ll spend more and more time with your DigiCam you’ll become worthy of having a DSLR later. Which will give you immense satisfaction and happiness.

Oh yes… my last question.. did you ever buy a Bridge Camera aka DigiCam and how was your experience with it ? Do share below.

Here are some awesome Bridge Cameras that you can purchase (affiliate link) and start your photography journey:

Canon PowerShot SX540 HS

Nikon Coolpix P900

Nikon Coolpix B500

Sony H400/B

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