DIY – Cheapest Reflector for In Camera Flash

Hey Lovely Readers….

Have you ever faced a situation where you wanted to click photographs at night time  inside home, and with no proper external flash or good lighting setup…. but still that moment is must to be captured…. then today I’ll share with you one simplest way to make your own reflector for In Camera flash.

And as I have informed you all in my previous post that I have my new YouTube channel up. I am posting below YT video where you can see the whole process of using humble Aluminium Foil (yes the same you have your lunch wrapped) as DIY Reflector.


Also below is the comparison of the images I clicked with In Camera Flash 1. No Reflector, 2. With Reflector.

reflector image.jpg

You can see the drastic difference between both the images, as first image has very sharp shadows and highlights (literally over-blowing the image). While second one is decent one, with no sharp highlights or harsh shadows. Also to let you know both of these images are not at all post processed and these are as they were clicked in camera.

Image with Reflector is bit underexposed and I could have tweaked it in LR to look perfect but I thought to show how reflector works with images so that you wont have higher expectations from this Foil turned Reflector.

Bottom Line… its one pretty fun and easy DIY method to create Reflector on your own and also save your money too. So do try it yourself and let me know how it helped you in getting a better image in some desperate times.

Do let me know how you find this little DIY post and video. And if you have any thoughts do share in comments.

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