All Is Well if End Is Well !!!

Balcony at my home was started looking so sad and gloomy in last few months without some colorful flower plants. So I had to go out and purchase one Rose plant so that I’ll have a pinch of yellow color along-with white (Jasmine flowers) sprinkled around. Which I bought and was happy seeing it dancing.

And I was so ecstatic the moment I saw the bud on the plant and thought to click some clicks of it. But only sad part was I could not get up early enough to get soft light of the Sun, I don’t follow early to bed and early to rise motto in my life. And light was very harsh when I got up and picked up the camera to click.

So finally one find day I had to get up early to not to miss the chance to have at least one decent click. And this was the outcome of my hard-work (yes getting up early is one of the hardest task for me)

I used my 10x Macro Filter and put it on my 18-55mm lens and did all kind of trials to find the place to get good focus. And later used Lightroom to reduce the highlights and increase some shadows.

All Is Well if End Is Well… me chanting this mantra after seeing the final result below:


I am writing after a long time and not sure if I am in touch with the writer brain within me. Still trying to restart the practice again to get better with time. So hope you all like this post.

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