“Disappointment as Blessing in Disguise !!!”

This is one longest post ever on my blog but one interesting story (hope so) which I wanted to share with you all… so have your cup of coffee (and tea for me) before diving into it…

There is one very beautiful garden nearby my society and I used to go there on weekends. But last Sunday I thought why not take my camera to click some candid shots of kids playing around. And I was so excited while I took my camera with my 50mm Prime mounted and took steps towards the garden.

Then I saw a family going in same direction as me. I focused my camera to click one shot only to realize I had only 100 images space in memory card… and sadly next 10 minutes were spent on sIcrolling through all ~270 images and deleting them one by one. Why not all together you ask ? cause it had some 15 images which I clicked recently but did not (I know bad habit) exported to my laptop. And I was not in a mood to delete them.

And during those 10 minutes, when I was fully concentrated on my camera reviewing – deleting images, I was barely looking at the path. So I had many instances where I was about to trip over:

a. stone lying midway,

b. sidewalk at higher level than the footpath,

c. broken tiles on the path etc..

Every-time I was saved from an almost accident I snapped out of my trance looked around (to see if anyone noticed me about to trip) and then back to my scrolling…. all those 10 mints were so hard for me and the longest one.

But my hardship dint end there… how ? see below….

I bought entry ticket worth INR 10, and happily moved towards the gate and got to know

Camera not allowed inside.

I was shocked….why exactly Cameras are not allowed ?

Is there any hidden treasure in the garden or any other precious things…I was so sad and disappointed and I started back to my home. But as I decided to use my camera I thought to observe the plants/trees on the roadside to see if I could find something significant to be clicked. And I did find… not few but manyyy things.

Small Back Story: In my recently finished Korean Drama (A Poem A Day) I was so enchanted by Pretty Pink Cherry Blossom flowers. And always wondered if I can go to South Korea to see those flowers in personal.

To Present: This one particular tree full of so similar Pink flowers (just in color having same shade of pink) caught my attention being Cherry Blossom Doppelgangers (kdrama term) but in actual these are Bougainvillea flowers. So I decided to encash the opportunity and clicked some images

  1. This the Tree I found just like Cherry Blossom tree. Isn’t it beautiful ???


2. What I loved about this click was the Bokeh at the background cause thats what 50mm is famous for and I think it came out nicely:


3. Only tough part was finding the right framing. Cause 50mm made it difficult for me to get a lot of flowers together and as I was on footpath I could not move far on road to get framing of my liking. Still I managed to some decent singleton flowers. Just like these 2 ones below:



4. This one is my favorite cause all the branches within the frame made it kind of interesting for me. It could have been better but as I said 50mm was the limiting factor and I am working hard to learn its use in better way.


5. Last image for this blog (one final image will be in my post). I loved this one simply cause of all those beautiful color in the background, pink-green-white-blue-brown… so many colors made it one lovely pic for me.


I had real fun time walking through the roadside and clicking these beautiful flowers. As I was feeling so happy while stepping up and down on the side lane to get perfect angle or framing. And then not worried about what people around thinking of me (remember I am an extreme Introvert and had to muster all my courage to go for covering Ganpati Aagman and Street Photography last year ). So this time was a bit easy for me.

Lastly.. I learnt 3 VERY important Photography lessons from this whole debacle:

  1. Always check my gear/memory cards/accessories before leaving for shoot to prevent end moment rush.
  2. Always Always Always export images to laptop immediately after finishing the shoot.
  3. Always collect knowledge of the venue of Photography, its timing, things allowed/not allowed in advance to prevent end moment disappointments.

So this whole not so happy experience was kind of Blessing in Disguise for me as I got some really nice pics of Bougainvillea Fflowers and 3 lessons for the lifetime. And I’d never ever forget this day in my life.

Hope it was fun story for you all and you liked the images too. Do share your views about this post/images or my experience.


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