Second Time Lucky to do Event Photography

Last month I joined a new company after leaving my second home for last 10 years. It was surely a happy moment but at same time I was kind of missing my first love, my dream company.

But as always there is always good in all God’d decision. The very first day I went to complete HR formalities, in one passing moment I mentioned my love for photography to one of the HRs. And 2 days after I got a call from HR team that they want me to cover an event as A Photographer (I couldn’t be happier than that ever again). That’s one of most helpful and lovely HR team I have ever met.

They arranged the Camera, by calling someone else to bring it for me. And then I was there for 2 hours to rush from one point to other to get better lighting, better framing or better composition. I clicked almost 200 photographs and I loved each n every moment being part of the event.

And lastly 2 of those pics were published in company’s mailer as well.

Some pics are below….

See when God makes you let go of something it has something bigger to offer. So we should always be ready to seek new opportunities.

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