A Walk To Remember… to that Topmost Point.

Last week I shared few pics of  the group TheTrekker.in with which I went for Tikona Trek. So today I’ll be sharing another set of images I took while heading towards the Top Most point (Height: 3580ft) of the Tikona Fort

Meet the fantastic group of people I went to trek with in Part 1 of this series.

And believe me it was one of the most unforgettable experience of my life. Also when I was looking at my images in LR to decide which one to select for post processing.. I could feel each and every the emotions, I had then, all over again.

All the excitement while looking at clouds, rains, fog. At same time the fear, shock, disbelief to see how much far I am from the ground….. So here I am sharing the clicks I took during our trek from base village till we reach the top.

A Frame out of my childhood Drawing Book.

This above image was clicked from moving bus and I could’t not click it cause it was one so nostalgic composition to have all elements out of my childhood drawing book. Just like one of my very old click. So I went ahead to click this one.

Yes.. that’s The Top we are heading.

Tikona Fort looks like this from the road we were on. I tried soooo many times during the bus journey to get one perfectly framed image of the Fort finally its here after 15 failed attempts. And this one scene motivated me immensely to look forward to the trekking path.

Moment when I wanted to give up.

This was clicked from Tikona Fort Base with 18mm focal length. Till reaching here I was so happy and excited and anticipating how many beautiful images I’d get on my way to the top. But I was about to Give Up at this juncture just by looking at how far that Top Most point was. And after knowing how steep the very first stretch of the Trek was.

Still somehow mustered up my courage recalling words “Do what scares you the most“. And I shrugged all my fears and apprehensions away to decide to keep on moving no matter how difficult the path would be.

View after halfway through towards the Top.
Beauty Redefined…That’s how Base Village Tikona Peth looks like.
Few rocks settled here and there.. Path of the next stretch of the trek.
Just one tiny Trail was the path we took so far…

And this was another point when I was scared… badly scared. As narrowest part of this trail was hardly one foot and I was so conscious passing the particular part of the trail.

On the other side of trail… is this another difficult path towards the Fort.

One have to look closely at this image to see three groups at different heights of the trail. Just Imagine how critical this part must had been then. Me and my friend (who were behind me at this time) were so conscious while covering this particular part to not to slip/skid.

Nature is the best Artist…

But as always all hardships result in some really beautiful outcome. I could click this one beautiful click with mother Nature flaunting its creativity in all forms… be it Soft clouds or Hard Mountains, Lush Forest or Lively Water.

The Temple.. our very first halt point before the trek stared. See how tiny that Temple at the center looks…..if you cant then do zoom the pic.
Finally at The Top.

At start of this post, I posted one click from the Fort Base, where I was about to give up and how Fort’s top looks like from there. Finally here I am after reaching at that exact same place and glad that I dint…

It was so Fascinating to realize how much distance I had covered. And how many difficult and rocky, small and tiny trails I had traveled to reach here. Also to attest all that this one pic is more than enough with that Base Point is looking no less than A Lego Game.

Hope you enjoyed this post and also felt the happiness-excitement-fascination that I had while trekking and now while writing this blog.

There are many more clicks you can check which I clicked being on Top enjoying the companionship of clouds and also while I was coming back towards the base.

Have you gone for Trekking to any forts or mountains….? I’d love to read about your experience and thoughts. Do share it in comments section.

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