Is AmazonBasics DSLR Bag worth the money ?

Review: AmazonBasics Large DSLR Camera Bag (Orange Interior)

Its been a while I bought my camera and one Canon EOS bag came with it. But it was not big enough to fit in all my new accessories. So I had to look for options of an Inexpensive, Big – Durable bag as per my requirement. And in this post I’ll be sharing how I found the Bag of my needs and its review.

First of all below were the factors I was evaluating any new bag against:

  1. Perfect Size: Not too small like EOS bag or way too Big to carry it with me.
  2. Shoulder Bag: I was’t looking for a backpack as I wanted to carry it beside my backpack during my trips or assignments. So Shoulder bag was I needed.
  3. Durable: So that it can last long good period of time instead of making me look for another option in near future.
  4. Pockets: yes this is also one important factor for me. I needed good number of  pockets (not so many to make index as to in which pocket I have put what) but still enough so that I can categorize my pockets and then put accessories accordingly.
  5. Price: Obviously money matters too. I dint want to spend a lot on my first camera bag.

Keeping all this in mind I started my research and found so many bags on Amazon…. and shortlisted few but only one had all the features (+2 bonus feature) that too in my budget.

So lets dive into the review of AmazonBasics Large DSLR Camera Bag:


All the 5 pointers, I mentioned above were clearly checked by it. So I bought it, used it for a while and now sharing my views as this review.


SizeExternal dimensions: 12 inches x 7 inches x 9 inches (LxWxH)

Type: Shoulder Bag.

Pockets: 1 main compartment + 1 Tablet slot  + 4 zippered pockets + many more tiny pockets inside zippered ones (so in short lots of)

Durable: Looks amazing Durability wise as all zips are strong and so is the material its made of. Still I am keeping my fingers crossed that it lasts longer.

Price: thats coolest part of the story.. its costed my mere 1899/- INR and which made me so happy about this purchase.

Analysis + Pros

Close Covering
Top most cover is attached to the cover of inner compartment with Velcro Tapes.

Top Most cover while closed keep all the inner parts well covered and safe from any unfortunate accidents. This cover has velcro tapes which keeps it fixed over the inner compartment cover and also has closures at front to keep the bag closed.

And after opening it gives the access to front zip pocket, which can be used to keep almost all your accessories. Also its not at all difficult task to open it with one hand.

Lets count pockets
Pockets… that too soooo many !!!

Now this is how the bag looks like from Top. There are 2 zippered pockets on each sides, 1 zippered pocket at the upper side of the cover. And 1 front pocket which I mentioned above is also visible in this picture.

Plus the 1 Tablet slot, which really comes handy if you can’t take your laptop along with you…. as you can use your table to review images onto it (a bigger screen off course)

Front Pocket.
Pocket at the upper side of the cover
Now the main compartment
Look at main compartment

It comes with 4 removable partitioning slots which can be used in any way depending upon size of the camera and lenses and how you want to organize them all. Still it can easily have one Camera body (with lens mounted), 2 other lenses, 1 external flash, 1 extra battery easily fit.

So all in all its more than enough for an hobbyist (like me) who does not own tons of accessories to be placed inside. Also the padding inside is so thick and soft that you can be assured to keep all the things inside well preserved and safe.

And the Second Bonus feature
Loops for Tripod

It has 2 loops at the front bottom side to tie the Tripod (if you cant carry it in any other way). Its so unique feature and also as I was not looking for it, I found it bonus for sure.

I have yet to use this one feature so can’t comment on the usability and how effective it will be but still having it in the bag itself is one plus point.

Besides this the strap is adjustable and can be changed as per your height and situation. All in all its one complete package for me and I am so happy and satisfied after buying it.


One and only one… its not Rain Proof and no additional Rain cover if provided.

So I think one Rain Cover given with it would be great addition to over all complete package for any New Hobbyist. And it will surely give this bag one upper hand among many other bags in market.


Go For It. You never gonna regret having it for keeping all your beloved Camera and accessories.

And you can buy it from Amazon

That’s the review from me about this new addition to my collection.

Do you own any camera bag, let me know which one and why you selected it ?

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