Why every Amateur MUST attend Basic Photography Workshop?


Photography can never be Learnt let alone Mastered if one keep on worrying on How to Click The Correct Picture instead of concentrating on How to Make one Beautiful Picture.

To know Why I said so read this blog post.


Review: My experience of attending very first Photography Workshop

It’s been a while I have my DSLR with me and I have spent some real good amount of time to learn not just about Technical Aspect of Photography but also how Camera works as A Machine. Still I was not satisfied with my clicks at same time not able to pinpoint what was lacking.

If as an Amateur you ever felt same as I did about your clicks then be with me in this blog (a long blog post to be exact) as I’ll be sharing my journey of attending a Basic Photography Workshop and finding that Something Significant i.e. “Beauty” of my images.

So I decided to take a Photography workshop some 4 weeks back to figure out what’s that SOMETHING. I did some research on internet and found Living Bridge in Pune as one such institute which provides almost all kind of workshop be it Photography or Film-making or Cinematography etc. And the mentor was Lalit Deshmukh And booked my seat for the 2 day workshop on July 28, 29 2018.

On Day 1

I reached 20 minutes in advanced, excitement you say. Workshop started with a little introduction of all the participants. It was so great to see one very senior participant there. I was so inspired to know him as he didn’t give in to age or health or other limitations but rather decided to live the life to the fullest and enjoy it too. And I am sure that inspiration will keep me motivated to stay on my own path for a very long time.


First Day had classroom session it was mostly about technical aspect of camera and how it affects Photography. Where Lalit sir explained How camera works? How to hold it to accurately? What is negative space and when to/not to use it? What is wide angle/telephoto lens and how they control field of view? How aperture/shutter speed/ISO make an image? and many more technical things…


Later half of the workshop was about learning Composition, which actually turns Photography into an Art. We were taught how to make an image beautiful and appealing using those techniques. And I never heard of many terminologies before so it was so great to know about them.


After spending 8 hours learning Photography I went back home little low on confidence as I wasn’t much happy thinking “I have learnt many of technical part already in last so many years from youtube and other blogs so why am I learning all the same things all over again.” Not that Workshop had anything wrong but I thought I should have gone for Advanced workshop than the Basic one so I was disappointed with myself at that time.

Day 2

It was about outdoor practice and executing composition techniques we were told on Day 1. And believe me this was the moment I regret my decision of underestimating the importance of Basic Workshop. Cause here finally I figured out The Missing something in my photographs. It was this Artistic Touch I never paid attention to before.


So on this day Lalit sir described each and everything about the composition in real time. How to look for ways to compose an image when nothing is extraordinary there? How to think beyond what’s visible? He guided us to look for frames and patterns to complete the assignment.


We spent good 4-5 hours under his guidance roaming around and clicking anything or everything we could to complete the assignment (2 images of each composition technique described before) given.


Then workshop continued with some more classroom session where we were told more of technical side of Photography which included what is a Stop and how it impacts light?


What is DoF and how aperture controls it? How variable shutter speed/aperture affects the other one and image as a whole? How shutter speed controls or captures the motion/light trail? What is Histogram/White balance/Exposure compensation?


Day 2 ended with so many smiles and happiness all around when we were handed over the certificate of participation.  This was one very rewarding experience for me. Where I learnt so many valuable things but the best part was the Lesson for Lifetime that.

That’s why I started this post with the quote that we should concentrate on making beautiful photos instead of worrying about how to make it look correct.

And yes I clicked many pictures during outdoor practice but when I looked at them in my laptop I could find only 7 to be of decent quality.  I couldn’t get any image for S curve and only 1 for converging lines. Below are those images, which I clicked with my beloved Canon 50mm Prime Lens

Rule Of Thirds





“Delicate Decaying”
“Growing Together”

Converging Lines


So I am sure I have a looooong way to go to be a Decent Photographer as learning Artistic side of Photography is not that simple and easy as the Technical side was. So I now I know the area I have to work really hard on to add that SOMETHING in my images.

And yes if by any chance you are in Pune and looking for a Photography workshop do consider Living Bridge. Though its price is bit on higher side (Fee: 3850/-, Early Bird: 3450/-) than many other workshops in Pune but what makes the difference is the Mentor and his experience in Art of Photography. I am sure Lalit sir will help you learning the same as well.

Have you attended any workshop yet? Do share your experience below.

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10 thoughts on “Why every Amateur MUST attend Basic Photography Workshop?

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  1. Hi Pooja. Thanks for following my own photography/written word page. It was useful revisiting some of the tips I’ve picked up (I only started DSLR photography in 2016) and learnt a few new things here as well. I’ve always wondered whether a workshop would be the next step for me, as I’ve tended to use books alone. Did you find you were learning from the other attendees as well?

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and glad my post helped you recalling your initial days. Also thanks for following my blog too.

      Before attending the workshop I too had this doubt shall I go or just read online of books.. but now after attending I’d vote for that always. Its not just the knowledge we get in workshop but the experience from a senior photographer matters a lot. How they started their journey, what makes them click, how they survived so far and how difficult this creative life is.. So it beyond technical knowledge that we get from such workshops. And I’d suggest you too go for one.

      Regarding learning from other attendees.. yes I learnt not specifically photography but how to be less shy and introvert, how to talk to new people. Also how to keep on going in life despite its hurdles (from the senior member i mentioned in my post)…..

      So as long as we are open to learning new things we can learn anything from anywhere.

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