Meeting The Monsoon – Voyage of An Introvert Photographer

Here comes the Beautiful Monsoon season of Pune and sitting at home is boring… Isn’t it ? And if you are an Introvert that makes it a pure struggle. Many of your friends must be ready to go on a Long-drive together or may be they enjoy hanging out and chit-chat. But none of those things entice you.

Also if you love Photography that adds another trauma because you yearn to go out to Photograph but surely not with the Gang but your own-self is the best companion you want to be with.


So should you just give up on enjoying the nature and give in to the extroverts… or if not just sit at home and feel helpless ?

I’d say..No… Not at all… But how.. you might ask…

Lets read this blog to know how you can also enjoy the Monsoon in Pune as an Introvert Photographer.

Unique Pune

Pune is one of the most unique city from other cities i have been too. Its calm, serene and peaceful and gives everyone their own time and space to live life as they wish.
And The Best part is… The Climate here. I was in Chennai for 3 years and the I’d define its climate as hot hotter hottest. But being in Pune makes me realize there are other seasons as well. And as an Introvert plus Photographer I can enjoy. One such season is Monsoon, and its my favorite cause I can do a lot being here.

Monsoon in Pune

And how you can also enjoy it despite being an Introvert Photographer….here are the tricks:

1. Trek it out

2. Walk n Take Photos

3. Cook with Camera

4. Me Time

1. Trek it out

Pune is blessed to be situated at perfect place beside Sahyadri mountain range. Which makes it the center of so many trekking destinations. Where any Introvert wandering soul can find solace provided you have stamina to walk some longest of paths and strength to trek hardest of trails.

Also being A Photographer the view along the trekking path and at the top this will be no less than Heaven as Nature is at its best at such places.
Some of the most visited trekking destinations are : Tikona fort, Torna, Rajmachi, Lahegao, Tung, Singhgad Fort.


I myself had chance to go for Tikona fort trek last month. It being me first ever trek I was extremely exhausted on my way. But reaching to top was another visual story. I had never seen a place as beautiful, marvelous as the view of Sahyadri Mountain range, its valleys from Tikona fort top, the clouds dancing from one corner to other.


Bottom Line:

If you like adventures (apart from being an Introvert Photographer) and can manage hard walk… Trekking must be on your to do list in monsoon.

Make Sure to go with A Well Experienced Trekker Group who knows everything about the place they are taking you and especially its all LEGAL and PERMITTED. Also they MUST how to be safe and sound during the trek.

2. Lets Walk and Take Photos aka Photowalks

Not everyone can have courage to be adventurous enough for a trek esp not to walk over some most slippery or hardly a feet wide trails. So if you are not that type you can still enjoy the monsoon that too alongwith your Camera. Wondering How..? read next.

Photowalks.. yes… Walking – Talking and Photographing with some of like minded Introvert Photographers would be one soul pleasing experience.. I can bet on that. And in Pune we have so many Photography groups to help you. There you’ll not only enjoy The Nature, The Serenity, The Life of People but also can capture some unforgettable images.

And if you can’t find a group to go with then take your camera and go out on your own. It would be another great experience when you can learn to be on streets clicking people. It can also help the Introvert inside you to practice human interactions (its my all time biggest struggle… but I am learning to improve it)


Bottom Line

Photowalks will help you learn more about Photography and also give you chance to reach out to nature for some serenity and peace.

Make Sure to go with the group of known people not just any random group. People you are in touch with good amount of time before deciding to go for Photowalks.

3. Cook with Camera

Above 2 ways can still be daunting to some of the extreme introverts (at times I am also one such extreme cases). And you wouldn’t want to talk or to look at anyone let alone going on a Trek or Photowalk. But still Monsoon should not be missed. So what can be done then…?  may be some experiment with Cooking in presence of your Camera.. Food Photography you know..

So if you like cooking, or love it just as much as I do, it would be super duper fun. There is so much that you can experiment with may be you can make Bread Pkodas or Onion/Potato Pakoda or Potato Besan Chila or Bread Sandwich or Vada Paav and so much more. And while plating you can put on your creative hat and beautify it. Then click it in whatever light possible cause you enjoyed making it now you should enjoy clicking it too.

20180808_Bread Pakoda_InstaG
Bread Pakoda

But if you dont like cooking or dont even know how to cook. Its better to start with easy and simple recipes rather than going the complex ones. Bread Sandwich or Potato Besan Chila are the easiest ones and you can find tons of YouTube videos to get guidance from.

Besan Chila

And yes don’t forget Ginger tea cause only then the Triangle of Monsoon Fun will be complete… Chai, Pakoda aur Barish…*yummmmy*

Lastly… enjoy the yummy dish of your hard work.

Bottom Line


All these tricks are my most favorite ones and I enjoy them and hope you all will enjoy too.

Me Time cant be ignored.

But still there are days/moments when you don’t feel like doing anything as above then have a Cup of Tea or Coffee and have some “Me time”. These are the days when you just want to sit and remain with self to know more about Life, its Philosophy, Why things are the way they are and much more. Then by all means do that as much as you want. I am same and I love doing that esp cause that self talk helps the Photographer in me.

Do whatever you like and want just don’t sit at home and fret that you can’t go out, don’t get frustrated that you can’t click Nature in its best days.. you can utilize this time to learn more about Photography, its techniques or philosophy etc. So even if you can’t go out you can still enjoy it to the fullest.


So here I have shared everything I do as an Introvert Photographer and suggested you can do to. But whatever you decide don’t forget to enjoy it. Cause no matter what you choose your aim should be being happy and enjoying the beautiful weather be it at home or outside.

Happy Monsoon… Happy Clicking….Have Fun.

I’d love to hear what you do to enjoy monsoon as a Photographer ? And also if you are an Introvert ? Do share in comments below.

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