My Blogging Journey – From Korean Dramas to Photography

Have you ever felt like there is so much to say but you don’t have the audience around you ? I felt so… that too a lot of time, esp when I wanted to share my excitement upon finding out how my Camera works… or when I clicked very first Perfect Heart Shaped Bokeh. Also when I wanted to talk about Korean dramas, how good they are ? how beautiful there cinematography is etc. But there was no way I could blabber about it to my colleagues or even my friends.

Be with me in this post as I’ll be sharing my blogging journey as to how I found ways to share what all I had to say as blogs in last 5 years.

From Kdramas

So for sharing my love for both of the hobbies I started blogs. Yes I did start my very own korean drama blog even prior to this Photography blog cause I wanted to talk so much about Korean Dramas. And Initially I enjoyed writing, sharing everything I had to say about dramas. But very soon the fun while writing faded as it was hampering my ability to enjoy the drama while watching.

Bokeh – The thing I found through Kdramas and loved the most as they are one significant part of various scenes.

As now I had to pay more attention to character’s expressions, subtitles (yes that’s a big task to have perfect eye – brain coordination) and dialogues etc. Also I started to observe cinematography too and many times I forgot to pay attention to subtitle while staring at one beautiful scene. Then I had to think about Kdrama blog cause I wasn’t able to enjoy them as before. And my biggest reason to watch Kdramas was just to enjoy them. So I had to stop Kdrama Blog completely.

Only the blog was dropped not the dramas. I still watch Kdramas and even more than before cause now I understand spoken hangul (korean language) in bits and pieces.

To Photography

But by that time I already got to know how it feels to write my emotions, excitement in words. So then I had to find a way to do it again cause being an Introvert – talkative person I needed an outlet to share my thoughts. Then came the idea why not try it for Photography.

1_20170303_IMG_1963_5184 x 3456.jpg
Close Up shot – using x10 macro filter.

And I started writing about things I click especially flowers and many other things too. It kept on going for 3 years until I bought my very first DSLR in Nov 2016. It was a life changing experience for me. Cause having such a complicated machine in my hands made me shiver at times thinking “will I be able to learn it“, “Can I master the art of looking through the view finder, finding the values of all variables and click image all at same time“… it was way more complicated than I thought while buying.

M for MomentsThruLens – first thing I practiced for Light Painting

I went through almost all online blogs to learn about basics of Photography. I used to spend 2-3 hours (11pm – 2am) everyday for continuous 3 months, that too after 10 hours of office, to learn-practice with Camera. Whole day I used to research on internet a new topic and then at night at home I used to practice it. I clicked Light Painting (image above) with torch lit and keeping all the lights off, also tried long exposure click of clouds (image below). And every time it came out as it should be or even not I still wanted to write about it. So I turned to this blog and started sharing my thoughts.

First Perfect Long Exposure Click

From Dec 2012 to Jan 2017, I used to post either my clicks as Photoblogs or just few Weekly challenges or Daily Prompts hosted by Dailypost community. But only after Nov 2016 I found real fun writing about Photography. I started learning more and started writing even more. At that time I used to think of myself as the worst writer and believed no one would ever come here and read whatever I am writing. The reason behind it was I was unable to keep my thoughts stream lined.

Water Reflection practice for first time

But learning Photography step by step helped me in expressing my thoughts in a better way than before. And then when I was able to share things in such managed way it motivated me to learn more things. And reading my posts made me feel satisfied knowing that I am in right direction to learn Photography.

Complete together – Photography & Blogging

Eventually Photography and Blogging became directly proportional to each other. More I Photograph or Learn, better I could write and as I was becoming better at writing I wanted to practice more Photography concepts.

Heart Shaped Bokeh – I mentioned at the start

Bottom Line

And now here I am after 5 years writing about my Blogging Journey, which is not extraordinarily great. Still I am happy and proud that I never gave up writing despite all those nerve racking thoughts  “what will people say ?“, “How would they react ?“, Will I be able to write sensible?” and many  many other similar thoughts.

What’s your blogging journey especially how you started..? Do share in comments section.

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