Tikona Fort Trek Part 4 – Back to Earth via Narrow, Stony, Risky Path

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. The best is yet to come.” 

— Zig Ziglar

That’s exactly what I was feeling while trekking through that difficult path towards my destination of Tikona Fort Top. It was surely worth each and every step I took to reach there. And now its time to go back to daily boring routine.

Also if you haven’t read my previous installments of Tikona Trek you can check them here: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

I have already shared my trekking journey till the Top in previous installments as to how I had one great group, my journey towards the top, experience after reaching the top. As we have reached the destination, enjoyed the beautiful serene nature around. So now it’s time to head back to base station.  But obviously not without camera on my neck strap and me ready to click some nice images of risky and steep the path that we were about to take.

Stairs where I was about to fall

Before we start the journey I have to share the incident when I was about to slip while clicking the very first image on the way back. For simple reason that I was more concerned about the image than myself. So did not put my foot firmly on the stairs which were slippery due to rain. And I was about to loose my footing to stumble on those steep stairs (I still get shivers recalling the moment). But somehow I managed to hold wall/stairs (cant recall exactly what) and survived.


So I got an instruction from someone behind to put my camera in the bag, which was worst thing to do for a person like me. Who trekked all the way to the top just to click images. So I still carried on but more carefully all the time while coming down. And clicked all these pictures while walking behind my friend (girl in yellow jacket) and my only acquaintance on the trip.

(click on first image to open images in slideshow)



I can still feel the fear I had back then while walking through the trails. All the path from top to bottom was very narrow, stony and risky. And it took a lot courage for me to keep on clicking despite the risk.

Still think I should have been much more careful while walking and clicking. I was literally saved by God’s grace on the very first instance of slipping on the stairs. And got a lesson for lifetime to be patient, careful whenever on such treks.

Apart from the risky trails I also took some nice beautiful pictures of the objects and nature there.

This Old Grinding Stone which was used to grind the material which then was used to to stick stones while building the fort. It was not any normal Grinder but a Giant one.

Old Giant Grinder at Tikona Fort

On the way I also met one mother daughter duo and this little girl was so ecstatic to reach the top soon. I could’t resist myself asking her mom permission to click her. And she gave me this brimming smile and beautiful eyes.

Girl with beautiful eyes

There was also one temple of Lord Shri Ram:

Shri Ram Temple

And few steps later there was this Hanuman Idol

Hanuman Idol

I clicked these 2 pictures at same place but in opposite direction.


Finally we are back to Earth. Yes earth cause what I felt on the Top was pure Heavenly experience which I can never forget. And as soon as we reached this unique beautiful flower caught my eye. I never saw any flower like this in my life so decided to click it.


And below click is to finally marking the Trip as Complete.

Tikona Fort – how mighty it looks from the earth.

Hope you enjoyed this journey with my blog post and photos I clicked.

Have you ever had any such difficult and risky trekking experience do share with me in comments.

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9 thoughts on “Tikona Fort Trek Part 4 – Back to Earth via Narrow, Stony, Risky Path

Add yours

    1. thank you Deepak.
      Yes the path was indeed very scary. And most of my friends who went for this trek told me its “beginner level trek” which i couldn’t believe being on this path myself. But i managed to be extra careful all the time except the very first instance of steep stairs where i was about to slip.

  1. Amazing pics with grtt write up…keep up the good work…All the very best my dear friend cum soul sister🤗 keep shining 👍

  2. Brilliant description of the trek! And nope, Tikona can be quite tricky in monsoon. It’s one of the treks I have been wanting to do for the longest time but haven’t been able to for various reasons. But I was able to do a virtual tour of the fort through your post. Once again, amazing series of posts!
    Cheers & keep blogging!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and liking my description,. and so happy it helped you to have virtual tour of the fort.
      I never knew it can be tricky in monsoon as my friend who is a trekkers herself told me it to be an easier one among other treks near Pune…
      thanks again for liking the post…

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