Ganeshotsav 2018 Day 1 – Welcoming Bappa in our Lives

In India today was the very first day of Ganesh Utsav, the day we welcome Almighty Lord Ganesh in our Homes and Lives so that he can be with us for next 10 days. And the society I live in also had the same celebration. So I did exactly what I did last year, mustered up courage, took my camera and went out to click some pictures. And here I am sharing my experience in below blog post. So be with me and enjoy.

But before I go further A Very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to everyone across globe. May Bappa bless you all with good times and happiness. Ganpati Bappa Morya… !!!


Lets get back to the topic of the day…

1. The first attempt was to capture all the preparation being done to welcome Bappa esp he club house where he would be placed. I clicked these images during my morning walk (yes, I am going for morning walk from last one month that too consistently). Here you can see Rangoli being made and the Lotus shaped stage waiting for Bappa.

2. Then it was time to go to click the whole celebration. It was less daunting than last year may be because it wasn’t my first time. Still I was apprehensive to be in front of some acquaintance or unknown people. I went out much before Bappa’s arrival and took my time to get used to of kids and people (environment in general). And by each passing moment I was feeling much relaxed and confident. These are few of the clicks there as I was clicking and trying to calm myself.

3. Then arrived Bappa and whole atmosphere changed. All the kids were dancing so well and their happiness was visible in their energetic dance moves.

4. Now finally after having the tour of the whole society premises we were in front of Club House where all the preparations were done for Bappa.


Then it was time for Aarti. And the event was wrapped up.


Lastly the most important thing I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. As this time neither my heart was pounding nor my hands were shaking. I was just enjoying the moment without worrying about “What other would think about me”. Also walking along-with those excited  kids, who were doing their best to welcome Bappa, was so memorable experience.

Did you also welcome Bappa at your home or society or any pandal ? If so do share your experience in comment section.

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