Ganeshotsav 2018, Day 3 – Dagdu Sheth Darshan

During last 8 years being in Pune, I always wanted to visit Dadgu Sheth Ganesh Mandir during Ganpati Festival but it never happened. And every year I used to feel so disappointed due to that. But finally this year I was lucky, really very lucky to be able to pay Bappa a visit.


Expecting it would be crowded I woke up way early at 06:00 am on Saturday and managed to reach temple at 07.45 am. But to my shock it wasn’t as crowded as I thought it to be. Still there were many devotees eager to pay their regards to Bappa. I too stood in line for 15-20 minutes and waiting for my turn for darshan. During all this time I was looking at Bappa for afar and it was such a pleasant experience. It felt like God has all the power to take all our problems, just by looking at him, and let us be with peace.

Finally after reaching near Bappa’s stage, I bowed in front of him and gave the sweets I bought to the priest. He put some in front of Bappa and rest returned to me as prasad. Lastly I clicked (with my mobile) this beautiful photo as a souvenir of the moment.

PS. I dint take my camera with me as I dint want to ruin the moment of long awaited darshan by concentrating more on composition or angle of Bappa’s click. Still I am very happy with the outcome I got with mobile.

Hope you liked my experience and if you have any inputs about the post or picture.. please do share in comment section.

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