Ganeshotsav 2018, Day 4 – Many a little makes a Mickle

Being an introvert its always a fish out of water experience to be on streets to photograph anything. Last week I thought of a plan which would help me in getting better trying to be in public with my camera. And I’ll be sharing that plan in this post.

Its time for annual Ganpati Festival in Pune and I figured it to be the best way to help me. So I promised my self to go out daily, all 10 days, to cover at least one Ganpati pandal (public preparations for the festivities). As that way I would be able to practice new compositions to photograph Ganpati Idols and it would also help me in handling people’s attention (practice makes a man woman perfect). I was able to go out for last 3 days (Sep 13, 14, 15), covered 3 different pandals and I am feeling so accomplished (its a big task for me.. phew)

And today I’ll be sharing my experience of 4th day of going out to keep my promise. It was September 16th and I decided to visit a different locality nearby my house to see if I could get some good pictures of Bappa. On reaching the pandal I was standing on the opposite side of the road, for at least 5 minutes, to calm myself down before heading towards it with my camera (I was too nervous then). As soon as I reached the pandal started clicking few photos standing on road near the stage. And I was shocked to see such encouraging words from the kid sitting there. He told me to go up the stage and click comfortably. I did not even know how to react. Later he asked me to show the photos I clicked and appreciated it too.

It was such a nice experience to share and such  small incident did help me in discarding that self consciousness (even just tiny bit of it) feeling whenever I am out in public places. And the reward I got of today’s hard work was this beautiful photograph of Lord Ganesh. And may be this one practice will help me get better slowly and gradually with time.

Bappa tere roop anek

I gave the photo this caption as it had all Ashtvinayak Idols carved, in orange color, at the bottom of the Idol. I loved this one so much.

Anytime you too tried some small efforts to help you with any inhibitions ? If so do share with me in comments below.

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