Ganeshotsav 2018, Day 5 – Learnt a new way to look at the world

As you know that I am keeping my promise with myself to visit at-least One Pandal each day of Ganpati Festival. So that I’ll get to practice photographing public places in front of unknown people during the Ganeshotsav. And so far the experience was beyond my expectations. I already wrote about first 4 days of Ganpati Celebrations (Day 1, 2, 3, 4) and today its 5th day I’ll be writing about.

It was September 17th when I decided to go back to the same locality that I went on Sunday. But this time wanted to cover a bit more distance to see if I can get more pandals in my vicinity.  And I was lucky to find couple of more Big, Gorgeous and Awesome ones.

First one I clicked had the most Amazing decoration at the backside of Bappa’s idol. I literally took some time to sink that feeling, of looking at such marvelous idol, in before pointing my camera to it.


Still that was not the only best thing that happened to me there. I met some really encouraging people as the organizer of this pandal. I was clicking photographs while standing on road which was approximately 4 feet below the stage. One of the organizers looked at me and asked to go up on the stage. I was shocked for a second and confirmed again “Can I really go up ?” and he nodded “Yes”.


I got so excited while going up on stage and clicked so many photographs. Also I was amazed as to how people were so different than my perception of them being rude or judgmental. And believe me that moment opened my eyes to look at world, and strangers in new light. Okay…. not all strangers but still I’ll try to be more welcoming and less nervous while I am out with my camera. And that one instance motivated me so much that now I can go upto organizers of any pandal to ask them if I can go up on stage to click pictures and that too without being nervous (pat on my back).

Next I found this beautifully lit Pandal having the most colorful lighting. I was in love with all the Lights behind Bappa. As everything there was adding so much colors to the Bappa’s overall presence.


Here I was so confident that I could go up stage without apprehensively looking at anyone to seek their permissions. And I was feeling accomplished at the same time. I went low this time to get bottom up angle as thats what shows the Power God has over our lives. And also makes me feel we are just nothing in front of his Magnificent presence.

Last of the day was the same pandal I visted on Sunday as today I had new composition idea to click 2 Ganapati idols together.


Here I loved the catch-light in the eyes of the idol in front. I dint observe it while clicking but when I was post processing I found it so appealing as if Bappa is looking at the people in front of him and is blessing them.

Bottom Line: I was just so happy after visiting 3 different pandals, and clicking 4 different idols on same day. And that motivation to ease my nervousness of being in public was surely the Bonus of the day.

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