Ganeshotsav 2018, Day 8 – Smiles are Contagious

It was another beautiful evening of September 20 when I had to go out for my Mission. Mission which I am trying to stick to for past 7 days without fail. And today I decided to go to the same locality as last day but another direction with same hope to find a Ganpati pandal. Did I find it ? Keep reading to know.

But before I start with my story of today do check my past 7 day’s experience here:

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I loved the experience I had this day not just cause of the most beautiful Idol of bappa or the perfect photographs I clicked but cause I met some really nice, helpful and happy kids there. The moment they saw me clicking pictures they got so excited and asked me to click their pictures too (group and then individual in front of Idol).


All of them were so cheerful, encouraging and smiling all the time. And their smiles were so contagious that “always serious me” had tough time controlling my own laughter seeing their cute antics.


I was enjoying their silly talks, asking me to show the pictures and then trying to help me with directing other people to stay out of my frame to not to interfere with my pictures. And with their never-ending help and fun atmosphere I could click some really really amazing photos.

And Bappa’s idol at this place was Mesmerizing to make this experience unforgettable. I can’t even recall how much time I kept staring at it because it was just too beautiful. And this picture will attest to my claim. As always my lovely 50mm lens did not disappoint me in clicking some of the most beautiful pictures this day.

Magnificent Bappa

But then I thought to experiment with some new composition ideas which I had in my mind for last 2-3 days. So went up on stage (this time no nervous) and sat beside the idol to click things like this. And it was my most favorite click of the day cause it came out after so much of practice and contemplation.


Then next one was my usual bottom-up angle cause I love this particular as it just re-affirms the Authority God has on us, on our lives and on this earth.


This particular day was all about experimenting with my different composition ideas, as next one is also what I was thinking to click for many days but failed. So today finally I could clicked it too.


Finally another day finished and I was satisfied that I am keeping up my promise and mission. And feeling confident too as I am way less nervous now than I was 8 days back. Also now I am able to concentrate more on the people – surroundings to enjoy the experience instead of being self conscious and ruin the fun.

Have you decided to go on any mission to help with your fear of “being in public eye” ? If so do share in comments sections.

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