Brief Glimpse – Pune Okayama Friendship Garden

“The fruit derived from labor is the sweetest of pleasures.”

Luc de Clapiers

And today’s blog post is all about how I found this quote to be true. So be with me till the end to enjoy a roller-coaster ride of Pune Okayama Friendship Garden.

Some two weeks back I thought to utilize a day to go out and have some fun with my Camera, like Ganpati Photowalk couple of months back. And I got in touch with my tribe i.e. a small group of Enthusiast Female Photographers of Pune (we are a bunch of ladies crazy about photography and have our FB group for same).

Finally we made a plan to visit beautiful Pune Okayama Friendship Garden. Though only 2 of us could manage to meet on the day (Nov 18) still we were full of excitement to en-cash this chance as much as we can.

But God has some other plan for us as we had tough time entering the garden for 2 reasons. First of all DSLR wasn’t allowed inside and we were dumbfounded. While I was badly frustrated and angry my friend was calm – composed (unlike me).

Somehow we managed to fit all our camera gears in the dickie of her scooty and finally were ready to enter. But only to know we need 10/- to enter the garden while we both have 500/- and 200/-. This time we had to roam around to figure out how to get change so early in the morning. But again we managed to get it soon.

Finally we entered the garden.

If it was any other day, when I hadn’t face those many obstructions before entering the Garden, I wouldn’t be this happy clicking picture with my phone camera. But this time I was happy knowing at least I can appreciate the beauty of this place and click pictures as well. (Yes I was frustrated too at same time knowing my DSLR is just few kilometers away but not in my hands)

So here are some of the beautiful images of the Garden.


It was one unforgettable experience for me cause the Garden was Beautiful beyond my imagination. I had never seen a place as beautiful, serene, well maintained as this was. All the water bodies were crystal clear that each and every stone at the bottom was visible. All the grassy land was managed as well.

If you are in Pune and have a weekend off then do visit this place to witness nature at its best.

Have you ever faced any such hardships on any of your Photography expeditions ? And how did you overcome it ? Do share with me in comments below.

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