Food Photography Practice – My Favorite Genre

Who does not love to eat yummy dishes.. and if they can look even more yummy then the struggle is real to restrict ourselves. And guess what I am learning these days..?

Its to create some beautiful looking Food images at my home in natural light. I love cooking as much I love Photography, so practicing something which can help me enjoy 2 of my hobbies at same time made me so happy. Also Food Photography works as motivation for me to learn to cook even better so that I can cook tasty dishes and not just beautiful looking dishes.

So far I could cook 5 dishes for practice and managed to click as well. Below are some of the best picks of all my clicks.

Angoori Petha
Meethi Sevayi

I couldn’t collect many props or crockery for Food Photography. But this one glass plate with unique brick design on sides is the only thing which caught my eyes. So I bought it knowing I’ll be using it for sure and I did in 3 of my dishes here.

Aloo Bhaji
Kanda Poha
Kanda Pohe

I am trying my best to learn this craft of creating beautiful Food Photos and hoping to improve it with time. Will be sharing more images in future too.’

Gears Used:

Camera: Canon 700D

Lens: Canon 50mm 1.8 STM Lens

Do let me know whats new genre you are practicing an why ? And how it motivates you to get better ?

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