“Let them be Little” – A Day out with little kids

Playing Time
Playing Time


Play is the Highest form of research

– Albert Einstein

…may be that’s the reason Play Schools are the best place for little kids to master the art of researching. I said so cause I had chance to be at a Play School to witness the same. As to how An Encouraging – Loving Environment can help those little brains in learning new things that too in some interesting ways.

Two weeks back I covered Halloween bash at Bavdhan branch of EuroKids preschool. I was excited cause it was supposed to be my very first gig as a Professional Photographer (oh yeah… not sure if I can call myself a Pro yet ), still I was excited. So I reached well advance in time and left almost an hour after the event. And all the time I was there I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Also all my images below will be telling the story as to how much I enjoyed being at EuroKids. Especially surrounded by some curious, naughty, energetic, smiling kids. I hardly had time to look at my watch or to think anything other than clicking those tiny totes rushing here and there or playing with their friends or just playing with their props. I loved each and every single moment being there.

Mesmerizing Eyes
Mesmerizing Eyes – This Little Girl and her eyes were like Magnet for my camera…. I have clicked tons of her pics just cause Innocence in her eyes was beautiful beyond words.


Happy Soul
Happy Soul – He was crying so badly at the start but as soon as I showed him my camera he never left my side. All the time he was so interested in my camera, either touching its screen or wanted to see his own picture on it. He also wanted to click using it.
Moreover I was so impressed by the way all the teachers at EuroKids were treating the kids. Each and every teacher had this personal connection with the kids. All the kids were getting so much love and attention despite there were more than 100 there.
A teacher trying to put a mask on a kid, who could not come in his Halloween Attire.


And I could find so many stories there in all those short moments of love and interaction between kids. Here are some of the most beautiful ones

Swag Queen
Swag Queen She is The Swag Queen on the day. As soon as she reached the Red Carpet she was asked to pose with her fingers and was guided by someone to do usual girly ways of putting fingers on her cheeks… but she gave me this pose full of Swag… am sure she will be The Girl Boss once grown up. Keep it up girl… you are the one breaking stereotypes…


Moment of Friendship – These 2 girls came as fairies and sharing a moment of warm friendship here.


Scary..??? – I loved this boy. As soon as I pointed the camera he just posed like this and I never had to tell him to do. I was so happy this pic came out so nice.


That Enticing Smile – I loved her smile so so much. She had the most warm personality among all the kids. And at same time she was so naturalw with her smiles… I just LOVED her.


Getting ready – oh yeah here he is. Just about to wear his Scary mask for the red carpet walk.


Let me see how this Skeleton looks like – May be thats what she was thinking while trying to hold and look at that paper skeleton. One true Curious Soul for sure.


Harry Potter
Most unique outfit of the day. Our own tiny Harry Potter. And that scar on the forehead its just Perfection Personified.


Story Time – yaaayyy that was another beautiful moment I could capture. Lovely kids with their Loving teachers.


It was one wonderful experience which I never imagined to even have at the start. But whole group of teachers was so warm and welcoming towards me which never made me feel I am meeting them for the first time.

Have you ever had such encounter with so many little kids ? How was it ? Do share with me in comments below.

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