Kumbhar Wada – The center of Art and Culture…

… and has a story of its own as how this age old heritage is still managing to survive in this modern world.

As you all know I am trying to go for Photowalks as frequently as possible and somehow I am able to visit a new place as well. So far I have visited and shared some of historical places in Pune be it Shinde Chhahtri or Aga Khan Palace or Mandai

Among all these Architectural Marvels I was lucky to be able to find couple of Artistic Marvels too. One I posted about already i.e. Tambat Ali and today I’ll be sharing about another place Kumbhar Wada, which left me awestruck.

Creativity at its best

I visited Kumbhar Wada (literal meaning The Potters’ World) as it was always on my wish list and I finally got lucky. It’s a locality consists of maze like alleys and is situated on the bank of Mutha River within Kasba Peth (oldest peth area in Pune).

An artist can create anything out of mere a soil. This is a proof.

Here lives potter families in their small homes and selling their artifacts. While they had to travel to Mundhwa, far from the city, where major part of their workshop has been shifted to. So they create earthen pots in all shapes/sizes and colors, different types of artifacts and home decor items etc. Then transport them here to sell.

Sun is on the earth, Still looking as majestic as in the Sky.


my fav click, not for any particular reason but cause it looks artistic.
and here is a life lesson. No matter how small is your effort towards a big dream, still keep hanging in there life will turn around.

Its one of the oldest locality of artisans in Pune (dated back to 5th century) and has lived through so many centuries witnessing all the looting, invasions and conquests just to tell the tale of their struggles and survival.

Be “You”nique.
Duck without water
Juxtaposition… Technology vs Art
Pure Beauty

They are still looking for more support from government in order to have a better life for their future generations so that they can nurture this art instead of getting lost as an old legacy.

Have you visited any such place taking care of age old heritage and working as care taker of art and culture. Do share with me in comments below.

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