Ganpati Photowalk – Beautiful Photos and Important Lessons

Last year I visited Ganpati Pandals on all 10 days and it was a beautiful experience. As I could see so many forms of Bappa from small to big. This year I was busy with my work so could not get time to visit all the pandals around my home but still I managed to pay visit to Dagdu sheth and other renowned pandals around it. I already posted one of the pic of Dagdu Sheth which was selected for exhibition. And today I’ll be sharing photos of other Ganpati idols.

It took me 3 hours 45 minutes to walk all around budhwar peth area to cover 6 Ganpati Idols so this wasn’t a well executed plan. This time I decided to go alone and visit all the places by myself instead of going with my lovely girl gang (oh yes I’ll soon write a post about my girl gang).

Reason I wanted to get rid of my fear of crowd and being in public alone with my camera (typical introvert talking). Last year I was scared to be seen in public with this big DSLR camera, I wasn’t in terms with the exposure as a photographer so always had to seek someone’s company to feel at ease. And that time my friend helped me a lot by guiding me around.

So this year it was time to figure how much I improvement I have got in last one year. I was surprised to know was able to manage walk past all the crowded lanes, clicked some decent clicks without having my heartbeat raising to the max. But there was a catch…

as I was’t well aware of the place I had to walk down same roads, pandals, intersections again and again to go to one place to another. I dint know how to cover all in a better and well planned way. It was kind of confusing and chaotic at same time. I took even google maps help and it did help a lot in allowing me to find the pandals but what I lacked was a plan. But next year will be better I am sure.

And thats enough of the story of the day let me share the beautiful photographs I got (click on the images to view full screen)

Kasba Peth Ganpati


Guruji Talim Ganpati


Tulshi Baug Ganpati


Tambdi Jogeshwari Ganpati

Time for aarti and some nice incense smoke captured


Jilbya Ganpati


Dagdu Sheth Ganpati


By no means these photos are perfect as I had to focus a lot about amany other things and not just photography. But the experience I had during this photo walk was unforgettable.

All the things I did wrong this time taught me the importance of better planning no matter how small is the activity I am doing. So next time would be a much better and smoother experience and hope some better photographs too.

Do you have any such experience of doing what you always wanted to do for the very first time on your own ? What did you learn from it ? do share with me in comments below.

Also if by any chance you are curious or may be intersted what all photography gear I use so I have prepared a list of the same for you all. Here is the link My Gear.

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